Tequila Tasting Techniques 101 (episode 5) tequila review

What a RARE treat! Lippy is joined by David Yan, International Tequila Ambassador for Casa Noble Tequila! Yan expertly guides Lippy through the 5 basic tasting techniques and shows how to prepare the mouth as a total sensory organ for a fuller appreciation of tequila!
You can learn along with th’ Lip!





El Tesoro blanco, reposado, anejo {WHITE LABEL Treasure bottles} (episode 4) tequila review

In this E P I C “Tequila Whisperer” episode, Lippy and special “genius guest” Gabe, take on the entire lineup of El Tesoro’s “out-of-print” WHITE LABEL bottles and report on the rundown. Which classic ET age will climb to the TOP of the tasting heap? Will Gabe fall for Lippy’s gambit of slipping in a SECRET taste of Casta Weber Azul? Will the live-viewers give away the SECRET? It’s all here in the BIGGEST (longest!) “Tequila Whisperer” episode yet. Salud!