World Series Of TEQUILA! (episode 57) tequila review

Hey, Batter BATTER!  It’s the WORLD SERIES of TEQUILA and your Tequila Whisperer is calling the innings!  Though he’s never followed baseball in his life, Lippy has decided to get onboard the World Series express now that his hometown team (San Francisco Giants) are in the 2010 Series against the Texas Rangers.  Fair-weather fan?  Perhaps, but has there ever been a more RABID poser?  What he lacks in longevity he more than makes up for in PASSION!

In this special episode, Th’ Lip pits San Francisco (owned and/or imported) brands against Texas (owned and/or imported) brands.   It’s a 4-inning tasting tornado.  Watch and see how each tequila fares against its rival and learn a bit about Th’ Lip’s personal journey from Pennsylvania to San Francisco.  Break out the handkerchiefs, Fans—it may get sloppy down in the agave dugout!

World Series of TEQUILA

1st Inning:

Charbay (NOM 1474) blanco vs. Republic (NOM 1457) blanco

2nd Inning:

5150 ( (NOM 1500) blanco vs. Dulce Vida (NOM 1360) 100-proof blanco

3rd Inning:

Partida (NOM 1454) reposado vs. Casa Noble (NOM 1137) reposado

4th Inning:

Ocho (NOM 1474) 2009 vintage reposado vs. Buscadores (NOM 1414) reposado

Extra Inning Tie-Breaker:

Centinela (NOM 1140) anejo vs. El Gran Jubileo (NOM 1445) 5 year extra anejo


Music Picks From This Show:

“Texas Flood”Stevie Ray Vaughan & Double Trouble

[audio:|titles=Texas Flood]

“San Francisco (Be Sure To Wear Some Flowers In Your Hair)” – Scott McKenzie

[audio:|titles=San Francisco (Be Sure To Wear Some Flowers In Your Hair)]

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  1. I’m the distributor in Cal. of El Gran Jubileo, Thanks for the props!
    760 402 9748

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