Milagro Tequila – silver, reposado, anejo, tequila review (episode 67)

It’s the brand that’s EVERYWHERE and on this episode of the Tequila Whisperer Show it’s HERE! Inexpensive, eye-catching, and ubiquitous (look it up). But how does it taste? Watch and see!

In this episode Th’ Lip gets SCHOOLED by the chat room about Milagro’s distillery (NOM) change and he’s shocked, but excited, that his Chat-Army of “Lipsters” are knowledgeable and nerd-ified enough to know that Milagro’s manufacturer has changed!  This info caught Lippy napping, so watching his amazement-recovery-appreciation for YOU, the Fan, is humbling and a real window into the mindset that is – Th’ Lip! Learn all about the brand whose distribution spread is rivaled only by the mighty “Joe Cuervo” himself!!

TEQUILA Details:


NOM: 1559 (new NOM!)



Milagro silver is a textbook example of the library of tastes and flavor profiles that define a highlands tequila.  You’ll find spiky alcohol spices, a big “floral” cloud and a lot of herbaceous notes in this unaged tequila.  But don’t look for subtlety or a complex balance.  Milagro silver has all of these flavors turned up to “11” on the dial and they’re not interested in your sensitive palate.  They all scream in unison, and if you can’t take the volume, then too bad for YOU!  The reposado brings a watery addition of *some* wood notes, but they’re quite buried in the mix of flavors.  Lippy found himself searching for a more singular statement in the repo and never found one.  The anejo brings a lot more of the wooded notes that were only hinted at in the repo, but the balance and complexity of the flavors don’t reward any deep inspection.  This anejo is a great (and inexpensive) tequila to bring to parties and lay on “Newbies” who will relish in its sweet and smooth notes.  For the rest of us, stick to the under $20 silver for a sipper in a pinch and a Margarita standard for sure!

FLAVOR Profiles for MILAGRO SILVER (out of a possible 4 points)

12 thoughts on “Milagro Tequila – silver, reposado, anejo, tequila review (episode 67)”

  1. This was the first show I watched live, and it didn’t disappoint. It was a particularly good show for me because it featured products that I can actually get my hands (and lips) on here in Virginia — where tequila is not well known and where all liquor stores are state-run (and constrained to the same limited menu of options). I really like the Milagro blanco and it was great to see that the Lip liked it too. Sadly, though, that “18 dollar” bottle is about 30 bucks here….

  2. Hi Lee,
    Thanks for the compliments. I’m glad you got to experience the live show. It really makes a difference doesn’t it?
    Hope to see you on future episodes. Give me the “Hi=Sign” and I’ll drink a toast to you on the air!


  3. Hey Lippy – you mentioned Hersheys in your last show. I live about 45 minutes from there and my sister works there. She wanted me to let you know that Hershey also has a top-notch chocolate – Scharffen Berger and it is in San Fran. Also, where did you live when you were in Pa? I live in Chambersburg – close to Gettysburg. See ya Thursday night – Shatzbones

  4. Hi Shatz!
    Check out my PREVIOUS tequila + chocolate Special Edition show:

    I tasted Scharffen Berger along with the gourmet tequilas!
    I grew up in Lancaster. Lived there for 20 years until I packed everything I owned into my VW Beetle and drive across the country — first to L.A., then to NYC, then to SF! Too bad i wasn’t into tequila then. Can you IMAGINE the treasure hunts I could have had all across the USA back then??!?!?

    Thanks for watching!


  5. Hey Lip! Los Lobos has released a 2nd volume of the One Time One Night live series on their website. Track 6 Estoy Sentado Aqui, originally on La Pistola y El Corozon, begins “Estoy sentado aqui, que me pasen la tequila” trans. “As I sit here passing the tequila”, but you probably knew all that. Whole record is great. Check it out!

  6. Thanks for the tip about the Los Lobos 2nd Volume!
    And no, I never listened closely enough to the “Estoy Sentado Aqui” track to hear the TEQUILA reference!

  7. Milagro was awarded a new NOM (1559)on the merits of building their own mico-distillery (that is used 2 times a year) on the same lot as NOM 1420, where most of their product is distilled (in fact it is right next to the barrel house of 1420). The new Milagro distillery has 1 very small oven, a motorized tahona, 2 small stainless steel fermentation tanks (3000L maximum), and 3 very small stainless steel stills. With that in mind, they could net no more than 3000 liters of tequila from each oven load. So if 6000L of musto nets you 600L of tequila (and even less if they are doing true triple distillation), then each oven load would net 5 batches, and would take at least 3 weeks of production (and that’s if they sped up the fermentation process). So if they were only producing at 1559, they are only netting about 36,000L a year, which is at least 1/10th of what they are selling each year. sheesh, Milagro HAS to be selling more than 1333 bottles a week. If there are 20,000 cities in the US alone, they are more than likely selling that much each day. So in other words people, most of the jucie that is made for Milagro still comes from 1420.

  8. Wow!
    Thanks for doing the MATH, Khrys. All I can say is (standing by my on-air tasting review) their blanco was tasting better than I’ve ever had from them before — and of course my bottle was NOM 1559.
    Thanks for the eyewitness info!

  9. Lippy, I know you didn’t care for the MIlagro Reposado, but do notice that over 300 expert judges from this years 2011 International Wine and Spirits Competition gave it not only the Best in Class, but also the coveted Tequila Trophy (best overall tequila).

  10. I HEAR you, Scott. I can only speak for my palate and from my heart about what works or doesn’t work for me. Many times I have been the “odd-man out when it comes to tasting opinions, but if you look over the WHOLE BODY of my reviewing work, you may get a better idea of which flavor profiles work best for me. I hope you keep watching.

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