Tequila Tasting Techniques 101 (episode 5) tequila review

What a RARE treat! Lippy is joined by David Yan, International Tequila Ambassador for Casa Noble Tequila! Yan expertly guides Lippy through the 5 basic tasting techniques and shows how to prepare the mouth as a total sensory organ for a fuller appreciation of tequila!
You can learn along with th’ Lip!





3 thoughts on “Tequila Tasting Techniques 101 (episode 5) tequila review”

  1. Mickey!
    I love your show buddy! I work nights when you’re live but I finally checked one out from the archives and it was a HOOT watching you dish. You’re a natural showman and you really seem to know your stuff. You got CHOPS brother! (but I knew that from back in the day) Makes me miss partying with you.

    And I loved the harmonica jam. (Delicioso!)

    Your Eternal Fan,
    Godzilla With a Duck Mask

  2. Wow! What a show. Only wish I’d been there/here live when it all went down. You need to push the comments or how do you get folks involved. 2 plus fuckin hours? Aweoooooosome!

  3. Glad to have you aboard, castello. We do a LIVE show every Thursday night at 7:00 PM (PDT). You can join the chat on the site — and there are specific times i open the “SkypeLines’ up and take calls. The BEST way for me to get others involves is by WORD-Of-Mouth. Please tell your friends!

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