Bargain Battle 8: El Ultimo Agave reposado vs. Hornitos reposado & Chimayo reposado (episode 84) tequila review

It’s Bargain Battle time again, folks. And this time Th’ Lip has a secret weapon: he procured some rare, Mexican-bottled “Squirt” soda from which to make some KILLER “Paloma” cocktails – arguably the most popular tequila cocktail south of the Border!  Mexican Squirt is notable for containing REAL Grapefruit  juice and real SUGAR as opposed to it’s U.S. counterpart which features high-fructose corn syrup and less than 2% juice (blah!).  Which repo in the battle will rise to the level of allowing itself to be used in this classic cocktail?

Yes we’re all aware of El Ultimo Agave’s prowess as a Master Agavero in these challenges, but there’s no discounting the mighty Hornitos brand from the house of Sauza.  It is their flagship “puro” (100% agave) product, and they have a lot of history and pride to defend here.  Will the mighty El Ultimo FINALLY meet his match?  Watch and see!


Th’ Lip approached this challenge with a completely open mind and a hankerin’ for an upset in the making.  Unfortunately the predictable became reality.  The mighty El Ultimo Agave reposado (NOM 1522) brings SO MUCH agave flavor to the taste party that it’s a damned DIFFICULT repo to defeat.  Hornitos reposado (NOM 1102) featured a VERY strong hit of black pepper in the nose.  Perhaps the strongest pepper smell that Lippy has ever experienced in a tequila.  Unfortunately it was paired with a strange banana tropical fruit sidekick that grew stronger in the mix as the repo was allowed to open up in the glass.  The Chimayo reposado (NOM 1529) featured some outrageous alcohol burn and heat, prompting your TEQUILA WHISPERER to pronounce it completely off-limits to any newbie ladies in the crowd. As for an agave presence..keep looking.  And if you EVER find it, call Th’ Lip.

As promised the winner of the battle (El Ultimo) was the tequila of choice for the Paloma-making segment of the show.  Watch in awe as Lippy makes it through 4 knife slices without injuring himself!  Thanks to some great prompting from the live viewing audience, Th’ Lip fixes his rookie mistake(s) and remembers to squeeze that all-important lime half onto the top of the “finished” drink.  Saved!  And it’s all for your edutainment, dear viewer.  Enjoy!

Got a suggestion for an under $20 reposado that could conceivable BEAT El Ultimo Agave?  Comment below!

8 thoughts on “Bargain Battle 8: El Ultimo Agave reposado vs. Hornitos reposado & Chimayo reposado (episode 84) tequila review”

  1. I’m pretty sure 3 Amigos (NOM 1499) has a shot to win ($15 for the blanco, $19 for the repo, $25 for the anejo), although I have never tasted El Ultimo Agave since I have never seen it here in NW Indiana.

  2. Big fan of El Ultimo Agave Blanco. Haven’t tried the Repo yet, but will next. I’m new Rt the tequila world, but El Ultimo was a good beginners choice, I believe. Better than higher rated Camarena, which Carries too much alcohol burn for my taste.

  3. Definitely check out their repo, Jake.
    I think (know) you will be deeply surprised and pleased.


  4. Can I vote for Shasta Zazz and the Margaritaville lime tequila? 8oz MLT – Juice from two good sized limes – served in the GIANt sized Black carmike theater collector’s cup. I fill the cup about 3/4 with ice, add the MLT and lime juice then fill it up with the Zazz… stir, and shake some salt on top of the ice cubes – and it’s so smooth you won’t know it’s got tequilla until your legs go numb!

  5. NICE advice!
    I’ll be doing a GIANT Zazz in the future.
    Thanks for watching!

  6. Just tried Chimayo Repo and it was excellent, but now the NOM is 1438 and it’s 100% agave, also it’s labeled “Reserva”. Same price, ish, ~$20, you should give it another shot!

    Huge caramel finish, weak body, good spice, gonna be my go to for $20 tequila repo’s right under Piedra Azul.

  7. Thanx for the tip! I’m interested in finding a good “bring to a party” repo. Ill give it another try.


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