Tahona-ground blancos- tequila review (episode 110)

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EVERYBODY must get STONED! Turn your tequila clock back a hundred years or more and you’d find that all of the distilleries in Mexico were using a giant volcanic grinding stone (the TAHONA) to extract the juice from their cooked agave plants. Fast forward to the present day and you’ll find that less than 1% of the distilleries are still producing their tequila using this age old technique. But does it make any difference to the TASTE? Join Lippy & “Senior” Rick Mendell as they BLIND TASTE 8 (!) blancos which were created completely (or mostly) with Tahona-ground agaves.

Lippy welcomes back his favorite drinking buddy, “Senior Rick” for a stumbling romp through the agave fields. Watch as they break down the flavor profiles of 8 currently-produced blancos in an effort to find their one true favorite. Many brands are called but few rise to the task of providing a completely satisfying tahona experience. After your Tequila Whisperer DOES choose his top 3 blancos however, it becomes a celebration of the STONE: and the music, laughter, and general MAYHEM rise accordingly! Enjoy this massive volcanic episode.

Though Senior & Lippy were blind tasting, the audience was alerted to which brand was which through a Facebook announcement just before the show began.  Those brands and their corresponding glass numbers are listed below:




4.Olmeca Altos

5.Still-Strength Blanco (“Tanque”) from NOM 1139

6.El Tesoro

7.Siete Leguas

8.Los Abuelos (Fortaleza)

13 thoughts on “Tahona-ground blancos- tequila review (episode 110)”

  1. Look for a new show tasting Pura Sangre in late May, John!
    Thanks for watching.

  2. Wish all Tequilas were Tahona process. Hacienda Dona Engracias was an excellent find in Puerto Vallarta

  3. Glad to hear that you are i still remember your show while in college now a lot of youtubers doing similar shows and making money. Miss the shows hope you doing okay.

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