Tahona-ground blancos- tequila review (episode 110)

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EVERYBODY must get STONED! Turn your tequila clock back a hundred years or more and you’d find that all of the distilleries in Mexico were using a giant volcanic grinding stone (the TAHONA) to extract the juice from their cooked agave plants. Fast forward to the present day and you’ll find that less than 1% of the distilleries are still producing their tequila using this age old technique. But does it make any difference to the TASTE? Join Lippy & “Senior” Rick Mendell as they BLIND TASTE 8 (!) blancos which were created completely (or mostly) with Tahona-ground agaves.

Lippy welcomes back his favorite drinking buddy, “Senior Rick” for a stumbling romp through the agave fields. Watch as they break down the flavor profiles of 8 currently-produced blancos in an effort to find their one true favorite. Many brands are called but few rise to the task of providing a completely satisfying tahona experience. After your Tequila Whisperer DOES choose his top 3 blancos however, it becomes a celebration of the STONE: and the music, laughter, and general MAYHEM rise accordingly! Enjoy this massive volcanic episode.

Though Senior & Lippy were blind tasting, the audience was alerted to which brand was which through a Facebook announcement just before the show began.  Those brands and their corresponding glass numbers are listed below:




4.Olmeca Altos

5.Still-Strength Blanco (“Tanque”) from NOM 1139

6.El Tesoro

7.Siete Leguas

8.Los Abuelos (Fortaleza)

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  1. Wish all Tequilas were Tahona process. Hacienda Dona Engracias was an excellent find in Puerto Vallarta

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