BLIND Tasting_Fan-Supplied Minis! (episode 12) tequila review

Lippy  goes EXTRA-SENSORY in this spooky(?) Halloween-inspired BLIND TASTING episode. A “TOP 10” fan of the Show has sent th’ Lip 3 mini bottles bursting with nutritious agave goodness. Can our “Whisperer” identify the AGE & BRAND of each mystery bottle? Have faith, friends. Be amazed at the mighty tasting prowess of your favorite “Tequila Whisperer”!
Musical Guests: LITTLE FEAT!




3 thoughts on “BLIND Tasting_Fan-Supplied Minis! (episode 12) tequila review”

  1. What’s on the schedule for this week? I’m heading south to San Simeon but may need to find a high speed connection and a computer if you taste somehing you think I’ll like or ,,,,,,,,I’m taking the Fortaleza Blanco with me,,, should I chug it or sip it?

  2. We’ll be tasting “Nocaut”reposado. This is a new brand that I’m quite excited to taste. The bottle looks like a BOXING Glove, too! Buy a bottle and DEFINITELY taste along.

    As for the Fortaleza— you know better than to ask that question!

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