Bargain Battle 1: Kirkland extra anejo vs. Trader Joe’s Distinqt reposado (episode 14) tequila review

Grab a pencil and pad because th’ Lip  is BREAKING it DOWN on the inexpensive tequilas for your Holiday partying needs!

In this episode he compares Costco’s “Kirkland Extra-Aged anejo vs. Trader Joe’s “Dinstinqt” reposado. Both bottle roll in at about $20/per 750ml. That’s a good deal these days with tequila prices climbing every time a new brand is introduced! Lippy is here to help, friends. A winner WILL BE ANNOUNCED!

Oh, and check out the DOODLE component to this week’s show.  Watch for more fun doodles in the future!

Music Picks From This Show:
“Bottom Of The World” – Tom Waits
[audio:|titles=Bottom Of The World]
“Walk Away” – Tom Waits
[audio:|titles=Walk Away]




12 thoughts on “Bargain Battle 1: Kirkland extra anejo vs. Trader Joe’s Distinqt reposado (episode 14) tequila review”

  1. I was waiting for this to pop-up because I missed the first few minutes the other night. 9pm sneaks up on you quicker that one might think. I always know when it’s 7pm but 9pm is another story! (CST) LOL! Excellent show! Trader Joe’s was the winner! The bottle looks somewhat like Siete Leguas! The TJ’s had a real cork too! And you know it’s good when the reposado beats out the extra anejo!

  2. Thanks for the comments. Rasta! I think I’ll keep the doodling around as another “arrow in the quiver” kinda thing. It’ll also be good to be able to sketch out flavor profiles and tings that might resemble a football game’s graphic overlay (X’s & O’s..)

  3. I coulda done without the prison music, HaHa but other wise a good show as always! Sorry I missed you this week. Enjoying the archive.

  4. This is definitely one of my favorites! I’m linking to it in our post tomorrow for our loyal Bar Flies! Thanks for sharing your tequila expertise with the world!

  5. i liked that Trader Joes. mind it was taken pass’n’swig at the ritual level, high desert,
    that kind of thing.

    you’re adorable.

  6. My first taste of Trader Joe’s “Distinqt” was at a fireworks show on the water in Sausalito. I guess it’s a kind of ‘celebration” repo??!?

    Thanks for watching, “Floozy”!

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