Partida Tequila blanco, reposado, anejo, “Elegante” (episode 22) tequila review

This just might be the “template” show by which all others are judged!  Th’ Lip  took on the entire Partida line from the amazingly refreshing blanco all the way to the super-exclusive “Elegante” extra anejo!  It was a rollicking affair that actually featured Lippy creating his own NEW MARGARITA! (“The GINGER LIP”)

This show has it all; a H U G E live audience that knew their Partida, along with the good folks from the Partida brand who were on hand to answer questions and relay “insider tips”!  Some viewers even negotiated FREE T-Shirts from the lovely Sofia Partida herself.  Just one more reason to make sure you come to the LIVE show whenever you can.  Those premiums don’t happen here in the archives, people!

MUSICAL Guest: Los Lobos (with a bit of Zeppelin thrown in at a key moment — Tip O’ th’ Lip to SHTT !)



NOM: 1454

AGAVE SOURCE: Estate – Grown Partida agaves.


Partida is a shining example of a “Modern-Method” tequila that brings old-world classic taste and detail to all of their products.  Look for sweet spice throughout the product line with massive amounts of freshly roasted agave on the blanco in particular.  If this brand were to cease production tomorrow, they’d be an instant “TREASURE-BOTTLE” top 10.  But hey, Partida, please DON’T stop production!

FLAVOR Profiles (out of a possible 4 points) Overall general taste of the Partida product line

Music Picks From This Show:
“Wreck Of The Carlos Rey” – Los Lobos
[audio:|titles=Wreck Of The Carlos Rey]
“Ten Years Gone” – Led Zeppelin
[audio:|titles=Ten Years Gone]

4 thoughts on “Partida Tequila blanco, reposado, anejo, “Elegante” (episode 22) tequila review”

  1. Lip, I really like your illustration work on the tasting scale chart. Could I get a blank one to use for my own tastings and get togethers?

  2. This is one of my favorite brands, if not, my favorite brand. I’m really stuck on their anejo! I’m starting to enjoy the blanco and reposado as well but it’s hard to beat my original favorite in the anejo. This is a solid all around brand! And availability makes it one that everyone should try for sure.

  3. Hey Shaun – My favorite Partida expression is their ORIGINAL recipe blanco. Alas, that juice has changed distilleries and the flavor has changed as well. When looking for a TREASURE BOTTLE of the original blanco make sure that the 4-digit NOM number is 1454. That guarantees the original bottling.
    Happy hunting!

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