Blind Tequila Minis Tasting! (episode 25) tequila review

Back by popular demand!  It’s the BLIND leading the blind-tasting, Tequila Friends!  In this VERY liquid episode, th’ Lip goes mano a’ mano with 4 different “Mystery Minis’ supplied by superfan, “Morse”!  Lippy has to guess both the AGE of the juice AND its BRAND to win the gold medal at his own private Olympics of blind-tasting. How will he face down the 4 challengers from Mexico?  Will he choke in the final turn, can his tasting “skis” hold their edge?  Watch and be amazed at his “Palate Prowess”!

Tech note:  We had to change LIVE providers about a third of the way through the tasting – hence the jumpy edits in parts.  Bear with us at the “Show” as we attempt to surf this technological wave week after week!

Blind Tasting Results:

< (+) means a correct identification by Lippy>


1. Reposado (+)

2. Anejo (+)

3. Blanco (+)

4. Reposado (+)


1. Centinela (-) Lip guessed “Chamucos”.

2. El Ultimo Agave (-) Lip guessed “El Gran Jubileo”.

3. Republic (-) Lip guessed “Corzo”.

4. Fortaleza (+) Lip guessed  CORRECTLY!

5 out of 8 possibles identified correctly.  Not bad, people.  Th’ Lip is a self-proclaimed BRONZE medalist for this blind-tasting challenge.  Now hit the showers, lip.  You deserve a good rest.\

Music Picks From This Show:
“Join Me In L.A.” – Warren Zevon

[audio:|titles=Join Me In L.A.]

“Lassez-moi Tranquille” – Warren Zevon

[audio:|titles=Lassez-moi Tranquille]

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