El Ultimo Agave_blanco, reposado, anejo (episode 43) tequila review

When they write the history of the great “Bargain Bottle Battles” of 2010 one brand will stand above all the others: “El Ultimo Agave”.  Regular viewers of the “Tequila Whisperer Show” will no doubt  remember that the EUA reposado has been seemingly unstoppable in its reign as the CHAMPION of the under $20 repos.  Many brands have risen to challenge the KING only to be smacked apart by EUA’s smooth, sweet, and “round” flavor profile.

In this episode Th’ Lip tastes ALL of the ages of “El Ultimo Agave” and he hoists the massive pours from the GIGANTIC 1.75 liter bottles so graciously provided by the brand owners!  It’s a workout of his palate prowess AND his biceps!  Can he power through the show while doing reps with his repo??  Watch and be amazed!



NOM: 1522

AGAVE SOURCE: lowlands


El Ultimo Agave brings a copious amount of sweet, roasted agave to the flavor party in all three ages of this “value” tequila.  Don’t look for hours of flavor interest with this brand, but for the price (all ages under $20!) this is a Champion that just can’t be beat.  Lippy found the blanco a bit too unbalanced for a 2-glass retreat and found the anejo a bit too sweet and over-oaked for a double-glass repeat.  But the repo continues to carry the best of both the blanco and the anejo in a fairly balanced flavor package.  Especially when tasted side x side against all other bargain bottles (so far), El Ultimo Agave is a great place to park your palate for a glass or even two.

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Music Picks From This Show

“Solid Rock” – Bob Dylan
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“People Like Us” – Talking Heads
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3 thoughts on “El Ultimo Agave_blanco, reposado, anejo (episode 43) tequila review”

  1. i just recently found out about this site and saw the tresure hunt episode and saw you started in salinas thats where i live it be cool if we met up one day and i was wondering if were posible to buy a jose cuervo anejo tequila short brown bottle since you got a couple and i never had it and i always wanted one of those

  2. Hola Enrique!

    So glad you’re liking the “TREASURE HUNT” episode.

    Unfortunately most of those Cuervo anejo bottles have been traded away, and the few i have left i am keeping for my *ahem* ARCHIVES (my belly).

    Good luck hunting in the Salinas area. I’m SURE you will find some good treasure, and when you do please visit the “Whisperer Fan Page on Facebook (http://facebook.com/tequilawhisperer)and show us your finds!


  3. whats a good price for that anejo by the way is don felipe anejo white label considered a treasure i have one of that and one other question is 1921 lot 95 nom 1079 repo a treasure bottle please reply. i will look at your facebook.

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