Cava Don Anastacio blanco, reposado, anejo (episode 47) tequila review

Direct from New York City and points East, your intrepid TEQUILA WHISPERER has returned from a 2-week hiatus and is back with a vengeance!  This rollicking episode features tequila Cava Don Anastacio, a relatively new brand that will be making its way across the Country soon.  Watch and grind along with Lippy as he tastes all ages of this Highlands tequila in an effort to identify that “musty”, “soppy”, flavor profile that has heretofore eluded him!
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El Ultimo Agave_blanco, reposado, anejo (episode 43) tequila review

When they write the history of the great “Bargain Bottle Battles” of 2010 one brand will stand above all the others: “El Ultimo Agave”.  Regular viewers of the “Tequila Whisperer Show” will no doubt  remember that the EUA reposado has been seemingly unstoppable in its reign as the CHAMPION of the under $20 repos.  Many brands have risen to challenge the KING only to be smacked apart by EUA’s smooth, sweet, and “round” flavor profile.
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Riazul anejo (episode 20) tequila review

What do you get when you cross the rich mouth-feel of syrupy honey with the vegetal sweet-heat of properly prepared cooked agave?  Why, that’d be RIAZUL blanco, friends!  And that’s what Lippy has a great time tasting and talking and thundering about in this extra musical episode of “Tequila Whisperer”!
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t1 blanco, reposado (episode 16) tequila review

Th’ Lip snagged some PRE-RELEASE samples of the new “t1” tequila for reviewing on this week’s show!   Both the blanco (“Ultra Fino”) & reposado (“Excepcional”) were tasted and it was a pleasure and a surprise.  This brand is overseen by Master Distiller, German Gonzalez whose previous tequila masterpiece was the mighty “Chinaco” line.  This is German’s latest work of “agave” art, and th’ Lip is NOT SHY about critiquing its strengths as well as it’s lesser qualities.
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