El Tequileno Platino, Gran Reserva reposado, 50th Anniversary anejo (episode 46) tequila review

So many of us have had the dream of ditching it all to pursue a singluar vision of interest and pleasure.  But so few have actually DONE it!  On this episode of the “Tequila Whisperer” show you’ll meet Scarlet Sanschagrin who DID IT!

Scarlet and husband, Grover first started doing tequila reviews from their San Francisco dining room table.  Eventually however, the siren call of the wild agave was too hard to resist for the pair and they decided to lighten their load, ditch their apartment, and head down to Jalisco, Mexico to be fully immersed in the tequila-producing culture.  Now they’re presenting regular episodes on their www.tastetequila.com site direct from their colorful Mexican apartment – usually with an assortment of tequila luminaries.

On this episode, Scarlet introduces a new tequila brand that is just making its debut in the U.S., “El Tequileno”. We taste all the ages including a special Mexican-only reposado that she brought back from Tlaquepaque specifically to share with “Whisperer” show viewers.  Salud!



NOM: 1108



El Tequileno defines “SMOOTH” on many levels including the damage to your wallet – (as in, there ISN”T a lot of damage).  It’s an affordable brand that features a pleasing herbal base and a healthy introduction of mint and menthol.  The Platino in particular boasted a nice balance of herbs and agave while the Gran Reserva reposado added some sweet wood and vanilla without losing those blanco base notes.  The biggest winner for Th’ Lip was the 50th Anniversary anejo which brought in some orange and citrus notes while loading up the after-palate with a L O N G and outstanding finish.  Especially when the price is taken into account this anejo is must-have!

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