Cava Don Anastacio blanco, reposado, anejo (episode 47) tequila review

Direct from New York City and points East, your intrepid TEQUILA WHISPERER has returned from a 2-week hiatus and is back with a vengeance!  This rollicking episode features tequila Cava Don Anastacio, a relatively new brand that will be making its way across the Country soon.  Watch and grind along with Lippy as he tastes all ages of this Highlands tequila in an effort to identify that “musty”, “soppy”, flavor profile that has heretofore eluded him!

Th’ Lip was NOT prepared for the way this brand’s taste profile changed during a flight up through all of its ages.  What started out as a solid, spicy sweet blanco quickly gained a WHOLE LOT more interest as notes of Earthy musk and mushrooms started to appear in the repo and the anejo!  Adding to this “tribal” taste profile, the great FELA KUTI sips along with some outstanding Nigerian music!  PLEASE don’t miss this show.



NOM: 1433



Cava Don Anastacio holds many taste surprises.  While the blanco features a solid balance of spicy-sweet floral Highlands notes, the introduction of wood starts to change the juice in very interesting and unexpected ways.  The repo adds a wood component that plays along nicely with the lip-numbing prowess of the blanco to bring a more sweet heat while introducing a bit of vegetal mushroom as a bottom note.  The anejo, however, is where this mushroomy-vegetal flavor REALLY takes off and defines the flavor.  Lippy is a huge fan of the Earthy, musty, “forest-floor” flavor grouping – so the anejo truly surprised and excited him!  If you like a bit of mossy leaves in your sweet tequila this is the age for you!

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Music Picks From this Show:

“Obe” – Fela Kuti
“Water No Get Enemy” – Fela Kuti
[audio:|titles=Water No Get Enemy]

3 thoughts on “Cava Don Anastacio blanco, reposado, anejo (episode 47) tequila review”

  1. Glad you feel the way I did about Don Anastacio, Diana.
    Which is your favorite age? I came down on the side of the anejo because I was bowled over by the vegetal profile in it.

  2. Tequila Don Anastacio, I have had all 3 and I can’t really say I have a favorite because they are all great, the repo has been my go to due to a bartender mixing it with an old fashion, it blew my mind how great it tastes was. It’s a very very smooth tequila and I really enjoy it

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