Los Azulejos blanco, reposado, anejo (episode 49) tequila review

Get out your paint brushes and charcoal, fellow tequila drinkers!  This episode features Lippy in his “Cubist” period!  Yep, in this episode he takes his tasting inspiration from the hand-painted Picasso-influenced bottle of the Los Azulejos (http://www.tequilalosazulejos.com/ ) anejo!

Taste along with Th’ Lip as he breaks down the particularly BOLD FLAVOR STOKES of this lowlands tequila and determines if it is indeed  masterpiece of agave flavor, or messed up forgery of taste.



WEBSITE: http://www.tequilalosazulejos.com/

NOM: 1437



Prepare yourself for a spicy black (and white!) pepper ride through some very nicely balanced agave flavors on this blanco.  Lippy was happily surprised at the lingering pepper finish.  Another singular attracter was the “olive brine” nose that invited multiple sniffs and hovered above the glass in a seductive way.  The repo’s addition of French Oak introduced some sweet wood to the flavor party, but ultimately left Th’ Lip wondering where that wooded road would lead.  It didn’t seem to stop and pronounce itself “finished”.  Rather, the repo seemed a bit timid in its acetoned assertion of individuality and became simply a blanco with a floating layer of wood on top.  The anejo, however, was nothing BUT assertive in its flavor statements.  This finely balanced elixir featured sweet hints of pineapple, spice, and a nice tang.  Lippy complimented this 18 month-aged anejo as being well on its way to becoming an “extra anejo” in taste and complexity.  Definitely “TV-watching” worthy!

FLAVOR Profiles (out of a possible 4 points)

Music Picks From This Show:

Don’t You Worry “Bout a Thing” – Stevie Wonder

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“If It’s Magic” – Stevie Wonder

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6 thoughts on “Los Azulejos blanco, reposado, anejo (episode 49) tequila review”

  1. dam lip i miss the live show but dont think i dont watch the replay its just that college started and got class Thursday 6 to 9.

  2. We were wondering about you, Enrique!
    Thanks for the update. You’ll just have to DITCH class one of these Thursday nights, Bro!

  3. Nice job with the Picasso face the other night. I think the rating for the Agave was a little low in this case. The rest of your analysis is quite accurate. The agave fields of origination (lower) have been used so many times that it would have the tendency to taste peppery but isn’t that a true sign of deep tradition?
    To Chris:
    The painted bottles are incredible and paying that little extra is worth it for a treasure like that~!
    I would like a 3 year old tequila from Los Azulejos in an actual tile bottle made from recyled azul from the oldest part of Mexico 🙂
    You rock and wish I could go to San Diego. 🙁 Peace!

  4. Interesting reaction to my agave rating Chrizz. I found the pepper was more present than the agave in the blanco — but I’m open to re-tasting. I’ll post here after I do.
    Thanks for coming to the show. I look forward to seeing you this Thurs. and in the future!

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