Peligroso blanco, reposado anejo (episode 50) tequila review

OK, everybody.  Got your HAZMAT suits? Check.  Got your Flame-Retardant goggles?  Check.  Got your SNAKEBITE kit?  I said, GOT YOUR SNAKEBITE KIT ??!? Well GET ONE! Because this episode’s featured tequila is “Peligroso” — which means ‘dangerous’ in Spanish, and at 84-proof, this is one tequila you should not turn your back on!

Th’ Lip goes ALL IN, throwing caution to the wind in this particularly DANGEROUS (and soggy) episode of the TEQUILA WHISPERER Show.  Be awed by his descriptive prowess as he goes further and further down that 84-proof “river” and calls out the sights along the way.  Will his boat find a safe harbor among the spiky tangles of the extra-flavorful anejo?  Or will he get lost in the crushing agave-soaked waves of taste that the blanco is blowing his way.  Strap in, head up, and ride along with Lippy!




NOM: 1107



Peligroso lives up to its moniker.  There is just enough extra alcohol in the flavor profile to give this family of tequilas some extra “dangerous” interest, but not too much to overpower some of the more delicate nuances that this highlands –sourced juice brings forth.  The blanco was loaded with herbaceous agave and the extra proof brought a warming finish that lasted long in the middle of the throat.  The reposado featured a thick plank of new American Oak on the nose, but thankfully in the taste, the wood was gloriously integrated and balanced.  The sweet wood in this powerful repo was a welcome addition to the spiky alcohol tang of the blanco.  The anejo presented an introduction of vanilla and a wisp of banana while still managing to keep up the agave interest along with the now-familiar extra alcohol.  The anejo was the least successful of the ages mostly because it was harder to completely enjoy the alcohol spikes while experiencing the sweeter notes of peach and banana.  Still, in all, Peligroso manages to be a thrilling ride in EVERY age it presented.  Ask for this brand everywhere until you get a taste.  It will be a memorable ride!

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Music Picks From This Show:

“Danger” – J.J. Cale & Eric Clapton


“Ride The River” – J.J. Cale & Eric Clapton

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6 thoughts on “Peligroso blanco, reposado anejo (episode 50) tequila review”

  1. thanks for the review Lip..we appreciate it..great show..good entertainment! come party with us…-peligroso mike

  2. I’m always ready for a “PELIGROSO” party!
    let me know when the next gig in SF is — I’ll be there!

  3. Hey Lip,

    Where can you purchase Peligroso Tequila. I live in New Mexico and have not seen any out here. Thanks for your help. Love the show!!!!!!


  4. Great review for a great product. Grabbed some Anejo the other day and love the stuff. Right up my alley! Great review man!

  5. So glad you found this, Richy!
    Be sure to come to a LIVE webcast and tell me you’re there (in the chat). I’ll toast you on the show and we’ll celebrate together!

  6. HI Tomas,
    Since you live in NM, try

    They have great prices and the shipping shouldn’t kill you! Please do me a fover: if you DO buy from them — in their comments section on the order form mention where you heard about their stuff. Mebbe they’ll send me a FREE bottle! HAhah
    Glad you’re digging the Show


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