BEST oF The “Spirits Of Mexico” Festival (episode 53) tequila review

He drank, he tasted, he TALKED, then got pulled over here, then over there, then he drank a bit more – and more, and tasted and talked, and tasted….  Ahhhhhhhhhh, such is the life of your Tequila Whisperer on the road.  In this special “Spirits Of Mexico” BEST OF show, Th’ Lip is back in the Man-Cave and recounts the entire story of his trip from San Francisco to San Diego and back again.

Be prepared for his story to ramble, get tripped up a bit, slide into a smooth groove, then get abruptly halted again.  Hey, it’s just like following Lippy around the Festival tables as he gets caught up in the moment – well, MANY moments!  Watch now as Th’ Lip tastes some of the “Best of the Fest” and takes you along on that road trip of LIQUID LOVE!



NOM 1513, Lowlands


NOM 1526, Highlands


NOM 1437, Lowlands

Gran Tulum

NOM 1459, Lowlands


NOM 1509, Highlands

Music Picks From This Show:

“In The Time It Takes” – X

[audio:|titles=In the Time It Takes]

“Rocky Mountain Way” – Joe Walsh (from the Eric Clapton “Crossroads Festival” DVD)

[audio:|titles=Rocky mountain Way]

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