Tequila Perfume? Special Guest Lisa Wilson (episode 55) tequila review

Can you SMELL what Th’ Lip is cooking up in this special episode of the Tequila Whisperer show?  We’re excited to welcome professional FRAGRANCE DESIGNER, Lisa Wilson to show!  Watch and learn as Lisa schools Lippy in the magical art of creating a fragrance.   We’ll learn about the importance of “HEAD SPACE” as she samples some of Lippy’s favorite, singular-smelling tequilas, and deconstructs their aroma profiles.  And, HEY, mebbe she’ll even sip a few!

This is a real “Beauty & the Beast” situation, as the lovely Lisa succeeds in taming Th’ Lip’s beastly desires for a macho cologne created from squeezed agaves!  Listen and learn about the best process for gathering cooked agave “aroma notes” and the importance of the “dry-down”.  Who knew?  Now, YOU do!

THROUGH SMOKE CREATIVE Fragrance & Package Design


Quita Penas

NOM 1368, Guanajuato

Tequila Ocho

NOM 1474, Highlands, Rancho Carrizal

Casa Noble

NOM 1137, Lowlands


NOM 1460, Arandas, Highlands

Gran Centenario

NOM 11122, Lowlands


NOM 1493, Lowlands


NOM 1432, Lowlands

Music Pick From This Show:

“Bug Powder Dust” – Kruder Dorfmeister

[audio:https://tequilawhisperer.com/wp-content/uploads/2010/10/1-05-Bug-Powder-Dust.mp3|titles= Bug Powder Dust]

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  1. I had a blast, thanks for having me on the show! I learned a lot about tequila, I may be a convert~

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