Tequila Ocho – extra anejo, “El Puertecito” 2011 plata, blanco tequila review (episode 104)

Are you ready to get cerebral, emotional, and HORIZONTAL? Tomas Estes has come to town with his newest vintages of Tequila Ocho in tow. Prepare to have deep philosophical ruminations about the nature of tequila production. Do you have a notebook handy? The Master Class is in session!

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Tequila Perfume? Special Guest Lisa Wilson (episode 55) tequila review

Can you SMELL what Th’ Lip is cooking up in this special episode of the Tequila Whisperer show?  We’re excited to welcome professional FRAGRANCE DESIGNER, Lisa Wilson to show!  Watch and learn as Lisa schools Lippy in the magical art of creating a fragrance.   We’ll learn about the importance of “HEAD SPACE” as she samples some of Lippy’s favorite, singular-smelling tequilas, and deconstructs their aroma profiles.  And, HEY, mebbe she’ll even sip a few!
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Yeyo silver (episode 21) tequila review

Talk about a winner!  This show has everything: Guts, Brains, Perseverance and ultimately—SUCCESS! Meet the new blanco on the block, “Yeyo” silver.  In this informative episode Th’ Lip gets to introduce a brand new tequila to the viewers and the WORLD.
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5-Way BLIND Tasting (episode 6) tequila review

Lippy puts his (ample) ass and reputation on the line in this special 5-way BLIND Tasting event! Can th’ Lip pick out not only the AGES of the 5 tequilas, but also their BRANDS?

Check out the HUGE pours his lovely “assistant” has provided and you know why the 2nd half of this show gets LOUD, LOOSE and LETHAL! Can he even stay atop that stool? Watch and be AMAZED at the prowess.

*Addendum* –

On this show I came down MIGHTILY heavy on Corralejo repo. I commented that it tasted “chemically — like strange chemical soapy dishwater”. And I HATED it more with each sip!

Well I recently attended a wedding and tried a current bottle of Corralejo repo and it was NOT anywhere near related to the junk I had on the show! It was a solid repo if somewhat BORING. I’ll be re-tasting Corralejo in the future — but for now, let me state that I must have gotten a “bad” bottle.

My sincere apologies, Corralejo.




El Tesoro blanco, reposado, anejo {WHITE LABEL Treasure bottles} (episode 4) tequila review

In this E P I C “Tequila Whisperer” episode, Lippy and special “genius guest” Gabe, take on the entire lineup of El Tesoro’s “out-of-print” WHITE LABEL bottles and report on the rundown. Which classic ET age will climb to the TOP of the tasting heap? Will Gabe fall for Lippy’s gambit of slipping in a SECRET taste of Casta Weber Azul? Will the live-viewers give away the SECRET? It’s all here in the BIGGEST (longest!) “Tequila Whisperer” episode yet. Salud!