Meloza Tequila- blanco, reposado, anejo, extra anejo (episode 60) tequila review

Get out the pruning shears and make sure the lawn bags are emptied!  This is gonna be one GRASSY tasting event, Friends!  Presenting Meloza tequila, perhaps the most VEGETAL and “green” tasting blanco currently on the market.

In this omnibus Meloza tasting (from blanco to extra anejo!), Th’ Lip walks his palate through the 4 ages of Meloza looking for that vegetal goodness to be present throughout the product line.  Will he find a “Harvester Heaven”, or a “Hackneyed Hell”?  Watch and be surprised at how it all shakes out!

TEQUILA Details:


NOM: 1466



As advertised (by Lippy), this Meloza blanco is perhaps the “freshest” and greenest blanco you can buy.  And you SHOULD buy it, if for no other reason than it is a completely anomalous taste sensation that will be a great place to “go to” in your collection.  This may be the template blanco for starting an evening of tastings.  Unfortunately the reposado and anejo ages were less than stellar.  The repo in particular housed flavors of astringent acetone and thin wood while bringing a lot of heat.  The anejo featured more sweet caramel flavors and presented a surprisingly long and pleasing finish with some great jalapeno pepper in the nose, but ultimately in both ages the vegetal quality of the blanco was completely missing – leading Th’ Lip to guess that perhaps those ages were from a different tequila “seed stock”.  The extra anejo brought some welcome depth to the flavor party with the introduction of banana & pineapple all with a light touch for under $60!  Nice.

FLAVOR Profiles for MELOZA Blanco  (out of a possible 4 points)

10 thoughts on “Meloza Tequila- blanco, reposado, anejo, extra anejo (episode 60) tequila review”

  1. Hola, Mario!
    That is a VERY easy question to answer: Meloza — by Far!
    There is nothing inherently “wrong” with Patron — but I find it mostly unremarkable and a bit boring. Meloza blanco on the other hand is AMAZINGLY vegetal- green and exciting. I think you will find something very special there.
    Let me know how it turns out for you

  2. Hey Lip..missed the show live but caught the archive….was pretty interested as we had the fortune to be invited to a Meloza introduction party up at Moreno’s in Orange. After an evening of side by side tasting we agreed that the repo was pretty nice and easy to drink in quantity…but did love the smell of the blanco. Thanks for doing the show on Meloza.
    On a side note, during the show you mentioned an Anejo that you thought was a good value and quite tasty…something that sounded like Talk-e-lano or similar (sorry for butchering it)….it came up toward the later part of the video. Can you figure out what I am trying to convey, and perhaps remember what it was and pass the name along to me as you can? Many thanks, E

  3. Hey Earl — Looks like I had some good timing on that Meloza show for you. If you get another chance, DO check out the blanco.
    it’s quite unique (and inexpensive!).
    As for the anejo you heard me mention ; that is “El Tequileno” 50th Anniversary anejo. You can see me wax poetic about on THIS show:

  4. Hahhhaha!
    You didn’t like the Meloza, huh? Do you pick up any “yeast” flavors — also a bitter side – to the Don Julio?

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