100 PROOF Blanco BLIND TASTING (episode 62) Tequila Review

Get out your asbestos tongue protectors, friends! This fiery episode of the TEQUILA WHISPERER Show presents the ultimate showdown in agave goodness. Straight from the still and only slightly diluted – Th’ Lip brings you: The Great 100-PROOF Blanco BLIND TASTING!

In this stunning lineup of 6(!) 100-Proof blancos, your Tequila Whisperer is confronted face to face with his inner Destillador.  Will his palate be able to withstand the piercing heat of these over-proofed beauties?  Can his mouth fight the numbness long enough to pronounce a winner?  Will he still be able to sit up straight after negotiating the OBAMA-SIZED pours that Mrs. Lippy rustled up in preparation for the blind tasting?  Watch and be amazed at SO MANY events in this episode!
Special Musical Guests: “X”


When tasting 100-proof tequilas it’s important to get your mouth used to the over-heated juice, and allow the flavor of the agave to come through.  After the initial alcohol attack these blancos brought forth a bounty of different and singular flavors ranging from grassy, to orange-citrus, to pure, unadorned agave.

Below is the “Key Code” to which brands Lippy was tasting (unknown and blindly to him).  Watch along with this secret knowledge (viewers in the live chat had this info as well) and see how he starts to break down the brands and flavors as he picks the winners from the number 6 position all the way to the top winner at number 1.  Special fun!

Glass 1: Revolucion
Glass 2: Don Fulano “Fuerte”
Glass 3: Don Fernando TKO
Glass 4: 1800
Glass 5: Agave 99
Glass 6: Dulce Vida

3 thoughts on “100 PROOF Blanco BLIND TASTING (episode 62) Tequila Review”

  1. I thought it was slathered with “icing” to cover up the heat. Watch the show, it’s FUNNY!

  2. in Ireland we drink hot port ,adding boiling water to a good slasph of port , its my evening treat,I enjoy visiting your blog , off for my hot port now xx good night everyone

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