MANANA Tequila – blanco, reposado, anejo, (episode 63) tequila review

*yawn* It was a lazy day in the Mighty Man-Cave, so Th’ Lip decided to choose this episode’s tequila brand  in accordance with his overall feeling after the big Holiday Season.  Introducing Manana tequila: The lazy, hammock-swinging, kinda sleepy, agave juice that’s just right for kickin’ back!

Manana is yet ANOTHER tequila brand from the mighty NOM (distillery) 1414, home to many of Lippy’s favorites like, Buscadores, Yeyo, Muchote, Viva Mexico, and others.  How will Manana differentiate itself from these other “sister” brands?  Or WILL it? Watch and see!

TEQUILA Details:


NOM: 1414



Manana as an overall brand description, is a light tequila.  While it packs a lot of complex flavors in its taste profile, it truly feels a bit more refined than many of the more “fuerte” brands.  This Highlands tequila is aged in Jack Daniels barrels and features some nice anise on the blanco’s nose and varying degrees of heat in the different ages – with the anejo being quite a bit hotter and rougher than the reposado!  The blanco brings loads of deep sugar-cook on the bottom end of the flavor spectrum while the anejo is a bit too larded up with oak.  The reposado was easily the most finely balanced age of the three with a long lasting finish and a completely integrated flavor appeal.  You won’t be looking for anything missing in the repo.  It is true to its own light self.

FLAVOR Profiles for MANANA Reposado  (out of a possible 4 points)

6 thoughts on “MANANA Tequila – blanco, reposado, anejo, (episode 63) tequila review”

  1. I just watched your manana review, i liked it. Im starting to become a fan of liquor and i am looking into begining my own bar at home. As far as your show, when does it play live? is there a link or reminder to tell me to watch? Thanks for your time.


  2. Hello Luis!
    Glad you found the show and that you’re starting to “get into” liquor! Whoo-Hee that’s a fun ride.

    I just added your email to my weekly invitation list (The Show goes LIVE every Thursday night at 7:00 PM (PDT) here:


  3. Please include me in your email chain and send me information on when to watch.
    Thank you,

  4. Hey Lip- I wonder if anyone tastes smoke in the manana blanco? I tried it a few times and agree with a lot of your descriptions, but I taste smoke. Not so much in the nose, but definitely in the taste profile. I nosed pepper and spice,and maybe some of the anise you spoke of, but does anyone taste smoke? It was like mezcal smoke, very strange. Maybe it’s my bottle. You compared it a bit to partida, but I like partida a lot more. As usual, a great show. Long Island lou-

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