Karma Tequila – silver, reposado, tequila review (episode 69)

The sun is shining, and birds are tweeting happily in the background.  Your TEQUILA WHISPERER has found his “spot” on the ground, crosses into the Lotus position, and begins to meditate on tequila. Gradually a mental image appears!  Presenting Karma Tequila.

Karma is a new brand from the much respected distillery, “Tequila el Viejito” (NOM 1107).  Th’ Lip was taken on a circular ride through Karma’s flavor profile and happily found that a lot of the flavor properties of the silver made their way into the reposado.  Watch, as Lippy investigates a deeper look into his own tequila-centric life, and finds a soft chewy center.  Also note the side x side reposado tasting between Karma & fellow “Viejito” brand, Trader Joe’s Distinqt repo.  Ah, the duality of tequila and life.

TEQUILA Details:


NOM: 1107



Karma features a combination of both double (80%) and triple (20%) distilled tequila.  This interplay sets up a source silver that is at once smooth but still presenting a soft tang of agave.  The initial attack of the blanco is an alcohol-acetone whirlpool on the mid palate that finishes with a bit of white pepper and a dollop of soft vanilla on the back palate.  The finish is pure spice with some lingering alcohol warmth.  Pleasing and drinkable all night (if a bit predictable after a while).  One of the great features of Karma in both its ages is the thick and chewy mouth feel.  This keeps the tequila interesting throughout your tasting “session.

The reposado brings the introduction of sweet oak and bit of tropical mango dipped in vanilla.  All of the features of the silver are active and present in the repo, making for a nicely “seasoned” ride through the woody tropics that make up the Karma flavor profile.  Lippy was a bit bored by the alcohol cloud which remained present on the attack of the repo (the one flavor detail that should have not made the transition from the silver) but was happy to linger on the additional flavor details that the repo added to the overall taste and feel of the source blanco.

Karma is priced in the mid-range of the market and is a solid “buy” – especially the repo.  Watch for an anejo coming in 2012.

FLAVOR Profiles for KARMA REPOSADO (out of a possible 4 points)

2 thoughts on “Karma Tequila – silver, reposado, tequila review (episode 69)”

  1. I must say that one of the co-owners made quit the scene at Applebee’s tonight. The arragance was a bit much for my friend and I. He immediately asked for a manager after the bartender asked if she could help and he again said “no I want the manager”. When she came out all he asked was if they had a bottle of his Karma out. Wow why not just make a scene and allow your belligerent arrogance overwhelm the crowd. Well no one cared as you were the only ones drinking your tequila. I may try if you would have been a bit more down to earth and people friendly. Enjoy your wealth and great life.

  2. I am a regular at Applebee’s and was there that night when the Karma wedding party arrived around 11pm. I just started getting into tequila’s and can honestly say those guys bought us shots and were the coolest dudes. One of the Karma guys got married and introduced his beautiful wife to me and my girlfriend. The cofounder greeted the manager warmly and they closed the place with us. Karma is the best tequila I ever tasted so very smooth and sweet. I even went and picked up a bottle the next day. I give a shout out to the Karma guys who turned an otherwise boring night into a memorable evening…Rock On !

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