DeLeon Tequila – Diamante, blanco, reposado, anejo, tequila review (episode 76)

Get out your top hat and spats, people! Lippy is putting on the *bling* as he prepares to taste one of the most exclusive (read: expen$ive) tequilas on the market: DeLeon.

From the machine-tooled vinyl of the anejo box, to the thick, perfume-bottle glass, and the super-heavy silver bottle top crafted by “biker Jewelry” designer, Bill Wall (was that enough name-dropping?) – DeLeon is *Ultra-Bling* at its most gaudy and beautiful!  These bottles feel great in the hand, and they look great at the bar.  But do they TASTE great in the MOUTH?  Watch this special “amped up” episode and see for yourself!

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NOM: 1519



”So, how does it TASTE, Lip?” Fair question.  When we’re dealing with a brand that unabashedly asks some of the highest prices in the business (appox $130 for the blanco!) its taste had better be exceptional.  Your Tequila Whisperer is happy to report that DeLeon “Diamante”(blanco) is some very exceptional tequila!  The flavor profile offers up wonderful notes of spice, sweet cinnamon and agave – all enveloped in a thick and viscous mouth-feel.  This blanco is almost CREAMY in the mouth!  The full flavor package is nicely balanced and wrapped in a thick “flavor blanket” that lies squarely on the mid-palate and hits a lot of the frontal sweet notes along the way.  Though there is a spice finish on the blanco, it’s short-lived and drops off quickly.  Too bad.  This is perhaps the “softest” blanco Th’ Lip has ever tasted, and while it has a smooth attack with no bite, it still manages to bring loads of flavor without getting watery or feeling diluted.  Nice job, DeLeon!

The DeLeon reposado and anejo impressed less, unfortunately.  There were astringent tangs of petroleum notes (a naturally occurring tequila flavor, BTW) present especially in the reposado (and smoothed over but still present in the anejo) which played against the sweet oaky smoothness brought on by the aging barrels.  It was unclear to Th’ Lip how these notes were introduced because DeLeon is tight-lipped about exactly how their products are aged.  There IS a DeLeon marketing statement saying that the anejo goes through a period of aging in Sauternes barrels – and perhaps the repo does too.  Are these barrels bringing conflicting flavor notes to the aging process?  Dunno.  But for now, they are not completely pleasing to Lippy’s palate.

BUY RECOMMENDATION: DeLeon Diamante (Shopper’s Vineyard)

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13 thoughts on “DeLeon Tequila – Diamante, blanco, reposado, anejo, tequila review (episode 76)”

  1. I recentley purchased an expensive bottle of Deleon Diamante Blanco. I did so based on your glowing review. Upon tasting instead of smooth I was greated with a very strong burning with little flavor or finish. Did I get a bad Bottle? I purchased from Old Town Liquor in San Diego. I will attempt to return or exchange (Doubtful) I can not drink this. Any suggestions?

  2. Sorry that your experience was SO DIFFERENT from mine, Richard — and I apologize for just seeing this comment now.
    What did you do? That was an expensive bottle. Did you return it?

  3. Hey Richard did you try the DeLeon a second time. I thought Lippy’s review was spot on. Sometimes my favorite tequilas, although normally smooth, can they taste harsh and unenjoyably. I find that what I have eaten or drank earlier can often effect how I perceive tequila to taste. I normally like Penca Azul anejo, however the other night my friend and I had a pour and both agreed that we didn’t enjoy it. It tasted harsher than normal and not nearly as smooth even though it came from the same bottle as the last pour that we enjoyed. Whenever I have a bad experience with tequila I always try it on a second occasion. Also if I am trying tequila for the first time I will usually warm up my palate with taste of smooth base tequila that I am used to, it kind of neutralizes the palate.

  4. Dude this is the ONLY & I swear upon that, the ONLY tequila I promote. It’s so insane how normally I need my drink chilled & dressed up on ANY of the Deleon I do NOT have to have any of that!! Deleon is wonderful & I hope more bars get ahold of it!!!

  5. Nice to hear your energetic promotion of DeLeon, Jennifer! Which age is your favorite? I like the blanco best, though I have yet to try the XA.

  6. I recently experience “Taste of Mexico” in Vail, CO. I wasn’t impressed by the Diamante, but the Anejo was not only the best, most exquisite sipping Tequila I’ve ever tasted, but my wife, who drinks Cognac and hates Tequila loved it. That pretty much says it all for me.

  7. I liked the blanco (unaged) a lot. But it’s VERY pricey. Watch the episode for ALL of my descriptions/recommendations, Vanessa.

  8. Ive sampled the Diamante and Platinum…..the Diamante is By Far Smoothest Tequila I’ve Had like Floral Warm Water ….the Platinum is Slightly better than 1800 Silver…. Dobel Silver is Closest thing I’ve tasted to Diamante So Far in Experiments with various Brands Offerings

  9. I really enjoyed your review. As a Blanco man, I doubt I will ever even try the older varieties, but this Blanco is great, dangerously great. So easily smooth with a strong pepperiness and crisp agave freshness that one could quickly drink too much. BTW, I buy some other puros to do my own infusing, but will just enjoy this premium Blanco as is.

  10. The Platinum (blanco) and reposado are selling in the low to mid $30 range. Absolutely smooth.

  11. So as of Last Quarter 2020 the Diamante ($140) is now a Joven Blend of Aged & Blanco/Silver Tequila and the Cheaper Silver, Reposado, and Anjeo Bottles have been made Narrow & Square ($30-45)…Have yet to see Any Reviews of the Ultra Premium Line of Deleon since 2014-2015 when P.Diddy & Diego’s Purchase and Relocation to New Distillery

  12. Thanks for the update, Sam. I haven’t kept up with DeLeon for years. I only ever liked the blanco in any case.. (bottle top was the best part!)

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