Sacacuento, Agave De Cortes MEZCALS – blanco, reposado, anejo, extra anejo mezcal review (episode 75)

Th’ Lip thought he had a good, basic knowledge of the history of MEZCAL production and Oaxacan farmer history. But enter RUDY FAVILA from Premium Mezcales Importers, and Lippy got schooled in quite a few things – and you will too! (and you’ll laugh along as Th’ Lip sneaks pour after pour when Rudy isn’t looking!)

Rudy brought the brands Sacacuento and Agave De Cortes along with him.  He also brought his hands-on knowledge of mezcal production and history.  It’s really a “Mezcal 101: teach-in” in the most entertaining way.  You’ll learn to tell the Facts from Fiction in this really entertaining episode about tequila’s “county cousin” – actually the great Grandpappy of ALL tequila: The Mighty MEZCAL!

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Sacacuento and Agave De Cortes have a lot of similar flavor properties.  Both brands feature a light and bright touch in their blancos, with the Sacacuento edging out the Agave De Cortez in the smoke department.  It’s got just a slightly “thicker” mid-plank of smokiness and added mineral interest.  But where the Agave De Cortes shines is in its brightness and refreshingly “green” vegetal flavors.  Th’ Lip kept coming back to this blanco as a wonderful palate “reset’ after tasting the other wooded ages of both brands.  Lippy could also see the Agave De Cortes blanco as holding court in a number of refreshing mezcal-based cocktails in the hot summer months.  Mix this blanco with some citrus and mebbe even a spring of spearmint and feel your heart open to the possibilities of communal farming!

The aged varieties of both brands brought some sweet oak to the party, though your Tequila Whisperer was less impressed with having his mezcals aged.  And as for the “gusano” worm variant in the Agave De Cortes repo – best pass that up as a party favor and not to be taken too seriously.

As for the Agave De Cortez Extra Anejo, however, Th’ Lip is willing to make a huge exception!  Though he only got a slight sip of this masterful juice (thanks alot, Rudy!) it was immediately clear that the extra time (3 years) in a SINGLE BARREL had taken the mezcal to a wonderful flavor marriage of smoke, spice, chocolate, vanilla and more.  HIGHLY recommended and worth the money.


Agave De Cortes blanco

Agave De Cortes Extra Anejo

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  1. Hello Daniel.
    Yes, Agave De Cortes is FINE stuff!
    You can find it at:

    PLEASE tell them you saw the sales link on the “Tequila Whisperer Show” archive site and ask for a discount because you did.
    Mebbe they’ll knock off shipping — Lemme know how it turns out!

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