t1 Tequila Uno – Ultra Fino, Excepcional, Maduro, tequila review (episode 81)

Join Lippy in welcoming tequila legend and Master Distiller of t1 Tequila Uno, German Gonzalez! German and his family were the creators of Chinaco, one of the very first premium tequilas imported into the U.S. in the early 80’s.  Fast forward some 30 years and we find German striking out on his own with a new brand created specifically for the American palate. Tequila Uno features a mass of balanced agave interest with “no bite”.

On this special episode of the Tequila Whisperer Show, Lippy finally gets a taste (or 4) of the “Maduro” variant of the t1 line of blancos.  Maduro has a higher alcohol content balanced by a fuller agave punch.  Th’ Lip has been waiting 18 months for a taste of this new and still unreleased variant!  What will the verdict be?

TEQUILA Details:


NOM: 1146



It’s difficult not to be impressed with German’s newest venture, Tequila UnoTh’ Lip dubs German, “The King of Balance” as his tequilas feature many enjoyable taste notes but none outreach any others in the flavor mix.  Even though the mighty agave flavors are present to a high degree in all of the t1 variants don’t expect to be bowled over by them.  That’s not his style.

Tequila Uno is ready-made for the American palate.  There is virtually no bite, and even in the higher-proofed, Maduro the alcohol spikes on the mid-palate become an integrated component of the profile.  Look for a lingering lightness on the Ultra Fino blanco.  You’ll feel the presence of the agave taste but without a chewy invitation to roll it over in the mouth.  Also appreciate a lingering finish on the blanco which becomes more present in the Excepcional reposado.  Aged up to a year in Scotch barrels, the Excepcional will thrill you with its warm throat-massage finish.  This is another signature detail of Sr. Gonzalez’ work: a fascinating ability to produce a sensual “massaging” finish in the mid-throat!

As for the mighty Maduro blanco, Th’ Lip was mightily pleased by the added alcohol factor and was tickled (literally) at how the heat spikes interplayed with the added agave notes.  Even in this more “fuerte” variant of t1, German showed his hand as a Master blender of balance because the agave steps up to the challenge of the increased alcohol and creates a huge, round and soft cloud of flavor that fulfills the promise that the Ultra Fino hints at.  The Maduro will be a limited release, and will likely be on the higher end of your budget spectrum.  If you are a fan of a bolder tequila which still maintains its class and balance then Lippy suggests starting out your t1 journey with the Maduro.  Looking for a tequila that you can bring to a party and thrill newbies who are eager to learn what the “fuss” over tequila is all about? Then don’t hesitate to lovingly open an Ultra Fino or Excepcional.  The ladies (and YOU) are sure to be pleased!


Tequila Uno MADURO (check your favorite retailer for availability)

FLAVOR Profiles for Tequila Uno MADURO blanco (out of a possible 4 points)

4 thoughts on “t1 Tequila Uno – Ultra Fino, Excepcional, Maduro, tequila review (episode 81)”

  1. Hello Joseph — forgive this late response (I just was alerted to 4 month’s worth of comments I needed to see!)
    Yes I DID try the Uno MAs tequilas. Can you tell me the retail prices? I believe that info will greatly affect my resopnse to the bottles.
    Thanks again for the samples.

  2. UNO MAS prices at retail:

    Blanco $15.99
    Reposado $16.99
    Anejo $18.99

    With the cost of Agave rising so rapidly, these costs may have to go up a bit in 2012

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