Comisario – blanco, reposado, anejo, tequila review (episode 88)

Ten-Hutt!! The “Comisario” (high Commissioner) will see you now. So straighten up that line, DRINKER! Shine those shoes to a high-gloss sheen and enter the office of some rarefied & spicy highlands tequila!

In this episode, Th’ Lip tastes all ages of this new highlands tequila and finds his inner spice-master completely pleased down deep in the throat!  What the F*&%K does THAT mean?  Well, watch and see!

TEQUILA Details:


NOM: 1529



Comisario will take you on a heated “Spice-ride” through all three ages of this highlands tequila.  The blanco features a wide-in-the-mouth flavor profile which hints at caramelized sugar on the bottom note and a high spicy tang on the top.  But its boldest flavor feature is the L O N G lasting throat finish that slowly warms up and drips into the bottom of the neck MINUTES after a sip.  It’s quite a nice feeling and something that truly differentiates this tequila from other highlands brands and also other tequilas made at the same distillery (1529).

The reposado maintains the high-heat spice of the blanco with just a touch of sweet oak replacing the caramelized sugar on the bottom note.  This light wood touch is likely due to it being only aged 7 months in Jack Daniels oak barrels. Not a bad repo, but ultimately a bit too close to the blanco to warrant the price hike.  The repo WOULD make a great Margarita mixer however, given that it still maintains its heat. That would come shining through a mixed drink.

The anejo fulfills the promise that the repo never quite manages to complete.  There is a welcome bottom-end to the flavor which gives the anejo an overall feeling of richness with an accent on the deeper spice component.  Also – the anejo has a neat trick of finishing with a sweet buttercream note on the FRONT palate (hard to do) as well as maintaining the heat and the warm throat-drip finish.  It was a tough decision to pick the recommended buy between the blanco and the anejo, but given all factors (including the price) your Tequila Whisperer had to ultimately give the nod to the blanco.  Don’t count out that anejo, however.  It’s a solid sip with a lot to recommend!

Comisario BLANCO

Dan Hicks playin’ in his element!

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  1. Hello Aaon. I haven’t seen “Comisario” around on the shelves here in Ca. for many years. I’m afraid it’s already become “Unobtanium”…

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