Baluarte – blanco, reposado, tequila review (episode 89)

Here’s a highlands brand that has quite a large distribution area (many States) but doesn’t get a whole lot of attention.  In this episode we rectify that situation; Presenting Baluarte tequila!

Your TEQUILA WHISPERER delves deep into the heart of darkness as he spelunks the black-glass bottles looking for flavor treasure.  Come along, and bring your fedora!

TEQUILA Details:


NOM: 1465



Like a shining shard of black onyx found on the Jaliscan desert floor, Baluarte tequila delivers a bright tingle of pure highlands spice with major agave and some spiky heat.

Th’ Lip singled out the reposado as a great “social tequila”.  This age will be great for bringing to parties and conversing with a special someone in the kitchen or on the couch(!)  It’s got a wonderful black pepper note which floats above the “smiling wood” bottom end while maintaining the heat and spice of the blanco.  This is one easy drinking repo with a great balance of close-flavors.  You’ll be drinking half the bottle before you realize how much is gone!

The blanco strips the wood away and leaves the palate in a brighter, sharper, grip of highlands sweet spice and heat.  Look for a really long-lasting finish and a wonderful mouthfeel that is at once light and fiery.  While BOTH ages were completely pleasing and made your TEQUILA WHISPERER smile wide, it was the blanco which slightly edged out the repo which after a bit of sustained sipping seemed just a hair flaccid compared to the blanco.  Where oh where will the (forthcoming) anejo take us?  Watch this space and see!

Baluarte BLANCO

FLAVOR Profiles for BALUARTE blanco (out of a possible 4 points)

11 thoughts on “Baluarte – blanco, reposado, tequila review (episode 89)”

  1. HI Warren,
    Unfortunately that brand is getting very difficult to find. You’ll have to search online for sure. Try Spec’s in TX.

    Let us know how it turns out for you. Thanks for watching.


  2. I just purchased a bottle at duty free on my way back from Playa Del Carmen for my parents. When I crack it open, I’ll be sure to leave my opinion.

  3. This is the best Tequila I had I bought a bottle at Playa del Carmen Duty Free I wish I had purchased the maximum allowed. I opened it for my 62 birthday with my gal friends we had a blast I wish we could find in NYC ! Can it be bought in New York?

  4. I don’t know about NY, Sally. Try contacting them through their website. They should be able to give you a definitive answer.

  5. Hello!
    I would contact the Balluarte company and see who their NorthWest distributor is. It’s possible that it’s in the Seattle area.
    Good Luck!

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