Antiguo – blanco, reposado, anejo, tequila review (episode 90)

Get out yer roach clips and your Bong, people.  Th’ Lip is taking you through a black-lit journey back to the heart of the mid-70’s as he reminisces and tastes Antiguo, Herradura’s mid-priced line of 100% de agave tequilas.

For 125 years Antiguo reposado was a closely guarded, unreleased formulation saved strictly for friends and family of Hacienda Herradura.  Then in 2009 they opened up the brand to the U.S. and formulated a blanco and anejo to round out the line.  How does this lower-priced variant stand up against the more expensive Herradura “standard” line?  And does it stand on its own at all?  Watch this nostalgic episode and all will be revealed.  “You see it’s all clear.. You were MEANT to be here”!

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Antiguo was always formulated to have a lighter touch than Herradura’s standard line of premium tequilas.  And it does live up to that reputation – In the best possible way.  The blanco brings a lot of hearty spice and isn’t shy about presenting the heat.  What your Tequila Whisperer found immediately likeable was the lack of a sweet ‘pineapple” center that the standard Herradura blanco forces upon the palate.  On the contrary, Antiguo’s blanco (and all of the Antiguo line) has a fresh and clean light feel that speaks of its Valley heritage.

The reposado adds a thin load of sweet wood to the bottom of the flavor plank, and though it lacks a solid finish, the lighter touch still manages a sparking tang of alcohol.  This combination of a lighter flavor coupled with the sweet spike of alcohol makes this repo a magnificent “party tequila”– able to do double duty as a sipper (especially for newbies and ladies looking for a pleasing introduction) or as a mixer in a Paloma or Margarita.  Here’s a repo for less than $30 that you can drink ALL NIGHT.

The anejo brought about more complex wood flavors, though without the sparkling spike of alcohol.  Th’ Lip found this anejo a bit “flaccid”.  It’s a fine anejo for those liking a sweet touch without a lot of aggressive interest.  But ultimately it was a bit too soft and not interesting enough for a second glass.

Antiguo Reposado (& anejo if you’re REALLY looking for a sweeter, softer ride)

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3 thoughts on “Antiguo – blanco, reposado, anejo, tequila review (episode 90)”

  1. Your next budget tequila show should be on 3 amigos (NOM 1499).

    Here in NW Indiana:

    Blanco: $15.00
    Reposado: $19.00 (aged 11 months)
    Anejo: $25.00 (aged 2 years)

    The absolute best value tequila I have ever come across. Nothing fancy about the bottle, the quality is in the bottle.

  2. I read your review and disagree with most of your review and I TOTALLY agree with JOHN who said it best “The absolute best value tequila I have ever come across. Nothing fancy about the bottle, the quality is in the bottle”!!! Enough said.

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