Treasure Bottles: Last Sips (episode 93) tequila review

Th’ Lip is up to his NIPPLES in tequila bottles.  The Man-Cave is becoming an obstacle course with half-empty bottles strewn about the floor and on every other flat surface.  What is a Tequila Whisperer to do?  How about inviting a good Buddy over to help drink the dregs of a MILLION bottles? Done and Done!

In this festive episode, “Senior” Rick Mendell hops over the hill from his Corte Madera “Rick’s Wine Cellar” Shoppe and joins Lippy in a tour de tequila featuring the last sips of a million treasure bottles.  You’ll learn about the provenance of some brands which have sadly gone “out-of-print”, and see if they have turned to “tequila water” over the years.

Also featured in this massive episode: The BREATHALYZER! Watch in awe as Senior sips glass after glass of rare tequilas and NEVER cracks the legal limit!  Contrast that to your Tequila Whisperer who is declared “legally dead” after his breath test results are displayed!


El Tesoro (“Original Gangsta” blanco)

Penca Azul Reposado (9-14-2005 bottling)

Pueblo Viejo Blanco, Anejo – (Old school “circle embossed” bottlings)

Casa Noble “Maximo” extra anjeo (7 year blend)

Buscadores Reposado

Crotalo Anejo (1st edition paper label)

Oro Azul Blanco (Original import,  round-bottle Liter)

Alquimia Blanco (1st imported lot)

3 thoughts on “Treasure Bottles: Last Sips (episode 93) tequila review”

  1. Would you tell me more about the liquid you used for “swishing” and secondly, do you personally keep all the emptied “Treasure Bottles” and is there an aftermarket value for those empty “treasure” bottles?


  2. We were using a show sponsor, Santasti (look ’em up) as the “swishing agent”, a great palate – cleanser.
    I used to keep my “treasure empties” until they started taking over the HOUSE! Now I chuck them with GLEE> Never found a way to make money on the empties. If YOU do, please lemme know.

    Thanks for watching!

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