Best Margarita Mix Blind Tasting: 7 bottled brands (episode 97) tequila review

Are you ready for the wettest, stickiest, and most SURPRISING Margarita mix BLIND TASTING? In this episode your Tequila Whisperer tastes 7 of the top mixes in the U.S. and proceeds to spill ‘em down his GULLET (and all over his keyboard!). It’s a Messy Margarita Mix Massacre! Cheggitout!

Watching Th’ Lip RUN through this Margarita lineup is the equivalent of cocktail Speed-Dating!  It’s fun, exciting, and a bit dangerous.  Make sure to stick around for some surprising results that have Lippy questioning his own palate – then “Man Up” to his conclusion.  It’s an emotional roller-coaster fueled by some sugary chemical concoctions!


(Numbers below reflect the glass numbers Lippy was using in the blind tasting)

1.  MARGARITAVILLE 15 Ingredients

2   MARGARITA TEXAS 13 Ingredients

3.  RIPE Pure Squeezed 4 Ingredients

4. TRES AGAVES Organic 4 Ingredients

5.  STIRRINGS Simple Margarita 7 Ingredients

6. DR SWAMI & BONE DADDY’S 22 Ingredients

7. TOMMY’S 100 % Natural 4 Ingredients

Since each brand suggested their own individual ratio of mix to tequila, Lippy made an educated average ratio of 2 oz. Tequila / 3oz. Mix.  This served most brands well, though the brands with the most ingredients were the ones whose suggested ratios asked for more mix in proportion to the tequila.  This is likely why Th’ Lip found the “Margaritaville” cocktail a bit too light.  It’s doubtful that more mix would have changed the rankings substantially, however.



(Numbers below are listed in descending order of Th’ Lip’s preference)







7. TOMMY’S (!)

14 thoughts on “Best Margarita Mix Blind Tasting: 7 bottled brands (episode 97) tequila review”

  1. Thank you for that link, Anna. I’ll contact them for the “sequel” show that I’ll be doing later this year. Do you work with them?

    Thanks for watching!

  2. My Margarita Recipe that I have dialed in after several adjustments:

    By Volume;

    2 parts 100% agave blanco tequila
    1/2 part lime juice
    3/4 part agave nectar
    *1 part water


    1/2 part juice from Clementine orange
    1/2 part water

    Mix ingredients together without ice (or with ice if you really need to).

    Rim a Margarita glass with agave nectar, then dip glass in a plate of Kosher salt. Fill glass with rocks (ice).

    Pour mixture into glass (you will probably have a little left over to top off again). Let it cool for one minute.


  3. Another good brand for making a batch of margs is Lefty O’Doul’s Key Lime mix. Water, cane sugar (not agave nectar, true, but much better than HFCS!), and juices. Better than a lot of “real” margaritas I’ve been served in restaurants or bars, and more than worthy of inclusion in your next show.

  4. I know Kirkland’s (Costco) tequila wasn’t your favorite, but have you tried their margarita mix? Not as sweet as some others. Although, I plan on trying the tweeked-to-perfection recipes John posted here. We’re sharing this episode on our page! ~Flying Nun Rhonda

  5. It’s sad the Lip got a bad bottle of Tommy’s. Although rare, with Tommy’s Margarita Mix being a fresh juice product with no preservatives it does happen. We should have owned the rest of these so-called mixers and will on the “Sequel”

    Salud Lippy! Dan (with Tommy’s)

  6. Dan (and Tommy’s) was very forthcoming about the “duff” bottle I received (bought by ME in my home town). As I said on the episode I have used “Tommy’s mix” for years and loved it to the point that I was SURE it was going to trounce all comers (and you can witness the S H O C K on my face in the episode when I learn the identity!)
    On the upcoming sequel show (date as of yet unknown) “Tommy’s” will certainly get a 2nd chance at bat. It’s what friends do for friends!
    SalUd, Dan!

  7. This was great! on the low calorie side, I like Sneaky Rita Margarita mix. Very light and not too sweet.

  8. You didn’t try Lefty O’Douls or Agalima, both are very good. I will give Ripe a try. You have great taste in music. I just saw Dweezil Zappa live. Frank would be proud.

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