Pura Vida – Silver blanco, Gold reposado, anejo, extra anejo tequila review (episode 101)

ZZ Top has created a new tequila that has your Tequila Whisperer SINGING its praises!  Introducing Pura Vida tequila.  This highlands brand is from one of Lippy’s favorite distilleries.  How will the new Tejas-based juice compare with its factory-cousins?  Watch this LOUD and Raucous episode to see!

So yeah, they got the big name rockstars behind the juice, but how does it really stand up under tasting scrutiny?  Well that’s what you come HERE to learn, compadre.  So settle into somewhere comfortable and get your SPICE on, because we’re taking a tangy trip through the west Texas desert and things may get a bit “dicey”.

TEQUILA Details:


NOM: 1414



Pura Vida brings a bouquet of floral and spice elements to the taste party.  The Silver in particular features an extra “crisp” and light flavor with sweet caramels and lavender notes along with a very spicy back-palate thrust.  Look for a long and warm finish on this blanco, although your Lip found that ultimately the “high end” of the tequila seemed to be pushed at the cost of losing some of the bass notes.

The “Gold” (reposado) brought an essence of vanilla and (predictably) oak into the mix, but there was also a quick hit of “shrimp-grass” on the initial attack which was ultimately off-putting.  The repo tones down the sweetness considerably, so if you like a bit of bitter wood in your repo this will be complete Heaven for you.

The anejo was where this brand (and NOM 1414) really shines.  There is a lush and wonderfully balanced essence in the anejo which brings forth baskets of fruit, herbs, vanilla and even traces of coffee!  This fruity and grassy herbaceous mix is a complete satisfaction event, and the price (around $40) makes this anejo a must-have in your collection.  Nice work, Pura Vida!

*Note: After the show Lippy found out that Pura Vida does NOT use a tahona to grind their agaves.  Sorry for the confusion.


FLAVOR Profiles for PURA VIDA Anjeo (out of a possible 4 points)

2 thoughts on “Pura Vida – Silver blanco, Gold reposado, anejo, extra anejo tequila review (episode 101)”

  1. Interestingly, I had made some initial tasting notes on PV line-up prior to reading yours, and we pretty much concur. I’ve never been a huge fan of triple distilled tequilas, being of the opinion that it over-smooths and over-sanitizes the taste. Kinda takes out some of the soul – the mojo – of the agave. I liked both the blanco and the repo ok, thinking they both lacked fuerte and complexity – The blanco has some nice agave pop. But the (double distilled) anejo? As Billy G would say, “Have Mercy!” This is some hot, blue and righteous tequila baby.

  2. It doesn’t surprise me that we are on the same page concerning this brand, Drew.

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