100th Episode Anniversary Show (episode 100) best extra anejo tequila reviews

Break out the Hats & Hooters, friends!  It’s the big, “100th Episode Anniversary Party” and Th’ Lip is tasting only the best extra anejo tequilas over (way over) $100.00! Join Lippy, “Senior”, and “Front Row Chris”, for an Extra Anejo Extravaganza clocking in at an Epic 2 hours!  Can you HANDLE it?

Lippy celebrates his 100th episode (2 years’ worth of weekly shows!) with some great in-house Guests, and some KILLER extra anejo tequilas!  Your Tequila Whisperer also gives away a signed copy of his forthcoming hardcover book, “The Art of the Tequila Whisperer” to one lucky Fan in the Chatroom.  This starts an ORGY of giving as brand owners also watching along generously start to donate bottles of their most rare tequilas to other Fans drawn at random by Lippy and “Senior” Rick. Damn! You HAD to be there.  But if you couldn’t make it, watching this classic anniversary episode will be the next best thing.  Here’s to the next 100 shows! SalUd, – LIP


DELEON Diamante (only BLANCO tasted)

EL TESORO Paradiso (5 year blended with cognac barrels NOM 1139)

T1 XA (3 year extra anejo Not Yet Released! NOM 1146)

CROTALO Reserva (5 year proprietary barrel blend NOM 1509)

REY SOL (6 year extra anejo in French Oak NOM 1103)

HERRADURA Seleccion Suprema (4 year extra anejo NOM 1119)

PARTIDA Elegante (3 year extra anejo NOM 1454)

CASA NOBLE Single Barrel (7 year extra anejo French Oak NOM 1137 )

Check out some of the GREATEST HITS pictures from this episode on the Tequila Whisperer Facebook Page!

3 thoughts on “100th Episode Anniversary Show (episode 100) best extra anejo tequila reviews”

  1. Hey Lippy,

    Just getting into Tequila, love the stuff however it isn’t very popular where I’m living so hard to come by good stuff.
    I wanted to tune into one of your live shows which to my understanding starts at 7pm every Thursday. Im living in the UK (London to be exact) and wanted to know whats the time difference. What city do you live in, this way i can figure out what time (my time) your Live Show starts.

    Hope to hear from you soon,


  2. Jackey: That Blanco tequila was porweful, to be sure! But I’m glad she started with this, because it made the other two seem calm in comparison.Kelly: Try the avocado margarita! I got a chance to sample one a couple of days ago and it was wonderful!

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