Best Bloody Mary Mix (episode 107) tequila review

Which is the BEST Bloody Maria Mix?

If there’s one thing Th’ Lip likes almost as much as sipping TEQUILA, it’s sipping some cocktails for which someone ELSE had to do all the work! Enter Grover Sanschagrin, fresh off the plane from a 2 year Mexican Odyssey of living in tequila country! He was hankerin’ for a damned good “Bloody Maria”, so he called your Tequila Whisperer post-haste & we set up a few cameras then proceeded to get SERIOUS about which bargain bottle of “Bloody Maria” mix was the best. We think you’ll be amazed, amused, and slightly abused by the proceedings!

On a “regular” episode of the Tequila Whisperer Show, Th’ Lip requires A LOT of your time to watch him play with his wet things. But this pre-recorded video is only about 15 minutes long, so sit back, pour yourself something nice, and enjoy the ride!

4 thoughts on “Best Bloody Mary Mix (episode 107) tequila review”

  1. Nice job. Good trying to keep Billy/Lipster to under 20 minutes. Poor me, I hate tomato juice and celery. I think you should throw in a V8 and maybe a Clamato for the non purists?

  2. Did you do this just for me or are you gonna post it on FB? Maybe you did but I didn’t see it

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