Tequila Matchmaker app (episode 106) tequila review

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Would you drop everything to pack up and spend 2 years in Tequila, MX?
Think hard about that proposition, friends.  Because Lippy’s guests on this episode were ScarletGrover Sanschagrin of TasteTequila.com.  Two years ago this intrepid couple sold everything in their San Francisco apartment and moved to the heart of the tequila-producing region of Jalisco, MX.  They didn’t move for their work, they moved to get closer to the CORE of their passion: TEQUILA!

Your Tequila Whisperer spared no pours in getting Scarlet & Grover to open up about the triumphs, heartbreaks, and epiphanies associated with their Mexican Odyssey.  Also their company TasteTequila.com has just released the world’s FIRST tequila-based phone app, “Tequila Matchmaker”Scarlet aptly described the app as “Pandora for Tequila drinkers”, and Th’ Lip can’t think of a more concise description. When you see a bottle that interests you (at a bar, or liquor store, say) you type it into “Tequila Matchmaker” and see how it compares to your favorite brands.  Save yourself from buying expensive bottles you’ll hate!  Point the way to fabulous bottles you would have missed!

This is only a small function of what the app (currently for iPhone – Android version coming soon) can do.  Watch this episode to get a better overview of Tequila Matchmaker’s functionality.  Download it for FREE here.


Olmeca Altos blanco – (100% shredded ”Molino”> agaves – Not commercially available

Olmeca Altos blanco – (100% stone-crushed ”Tahona”> agaves  – Not commercially available

Olmeca Altos blanco – 40% abv Highlands, NOM 1111(available in Colorado & Illinois)

Yeyo blanco – Highlands, NOM 1414

El Tesoro “White Label” blanco – Highlands, NOM 1139 out-of-print “Treasure Bottle”

El Reformador blanco – Heartland, NOM 1109 out-of-print “Treasure Bottle”

Casa Noble Single barrel High Octane “Gold” re-creation – Heartland, NOM 1137 Not commercially available

Fortaleza anejo – Heartland, NOM 1493 Lot 12

4 thoughts on “Tequila Matchmaker app (episode 106) tequila review”

  1. I am catching up on lippy’s older shows and watching ep 106 here at work(Don’t tell the boss)- Oh I forgot- I’m the boss-haha. Better late than never right?? I am laughing, totally enjoying this comparison of Omeca Altos blanco (full tahona), and the Molino (full shredder) and later the available to buy, mix of 20% tahona/80% Molina. I love the expressions on grover and scarlet’s face when lippy opens up the show. He’s nuts, but in a good way, he’s so expressive and excitable, just like me. I am guessing Rock star Khrys who was supplying great and fast info, is my pal KM from Oceanside?.I have seen many of Grover/Scarlet’s videos (love them) but recently started watching Lippy. I get to watch and learn about brands you just don’t see here on Long Island. It was very interesting as they all taste tested the difference in crushing, with one brand, agreeing the tahona was the rich oily, delicious old world tequila, but interestingly how the mix(available for sale) was better than they thought it would be. Scarlet even tasted more flavors(like butter). After seeing this I would buy the 20/80 Omeca Altos. I love these shows, and so glad I found The Lip. Between the great video’s on Taste Tequila and Lippy’s Tequila Whisperer, I have lots to watch and an outlet to learn so much. I think you guys are all great. The Lip is funny and interesting. Thanks- Long Island lou

  2. Hey Lou!
    Thank you for the nice comments. Keep watching. New shows are coming soon! -Lip

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