Blind Tasting_Fan-Minis_02! (episode 17) tequila review

What a wild evening this turned out to be, friends!  Th’ Lip had to BLIND IDENTIFY five different fan-supplied minis.  He felt quite confident throughout the event, but in the end the results were less than stellar, unfortunately.

It’s deceptively difficult to identify a brand if it’s not one of your daily sippers, and even if it IS (as witnessed here with “Buscadores”) it’s STILL a near-impossible task.  Good thing Lippy is always up for a tasting-challenge.  Never daunted by the odds, he is a Master at PLOWING THROUGH a stacked deck.  This episode’s results show that fortitude in SPADES.

Blind Tasting Results:

< (+) means a correct identification by Lippy>


1. Blanco (+)

2. Anejo (+)

3. Reposado (+)

4. Extra Anejo (+)

5. Extra Anejo (+)


1. Siembra Azul (-) Lip guessed “Pueblo Viejo” old syle.

2. Buscadores (-) Lip guessed “Centinela”.

3. Buscadores (-) Lip guessed “Centinela”.

4. Asombroso 11 yr (-) Lip guessed  “1942” or “HSS”

5. German Gonzalez’s ‘11 Anos Reserva Especial’ (-) Lip guessed  “Tapatio Excellencia”

Que lastima, Lippy!  You only correctly  guessed the AGES (though that IS harder than it seems) of the blinds, not a single brand!  Will th’ Lip make a sharp COMEBACK in future blind tastings?  HE says so—but then again, he’s always over-confident of his prowess.  Especially after he’s been DRINKING!  Stay tuned to future episodes!

Musical Guest:  Vintage BLUES!
“The Red Rooster” – Howlin’ Wolf
[audio:|titles=The Red Rooster]
“Cakewalk Into Town” – Taj Mahal
[audio:|titles=Cakewalk Into Town]

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