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The Tequila Whisperer invites you to join his “Whisper List” and for a limited time you’ll be automatically entered to win FREE artwork, swag, and quarterly newsletters.


After YOU sign up to the “Whisper List” you need to get 5 other people who will sign up, and list YOUR EMAIL adress in the “referred by” box of the form.  That’s it.  You get 5 people, and you receive a custom “Tequila Whisperer” desktop pic drawn by Lippy.  Sign up MORE than 5 people and you get a SECOND desktop pic that’s even COOLER than the first, and th’ Lip will hand – sign the art to YOU as well!

Get referring TODAY!

7 thoughts on “Join the “Whisper List””

  1. We launched a beautiful silver tequila called Karma. Karma analyzed each part of the process of producing tequila and found a way to create a ‘flavorful and smooth tequila’ that others have not achieved. Unlike other tequilas produced, Karma removes the part of the core of the pina (heart of the agave) which normally adds a bitterness to tequila. Karma then uses natural well water from the estate property which is combined with our final distillation process, a blend of double and a small amount of triple distillation (triple removes much of the methanol that creates the bite). Before bottling, the tequila is extra filtered to ensure any impurities are further removed. Each bottle is then hand filled, labeled and numbered.

  2. Welcome, Guy! I hope you have joined the “Whisper list”. Your new tequila sounds wonderfully crafterd and tasty. How about sending some over to the Show for th’ Lip to taste?

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