Bargain Battle 2: Distinqt reposado vs. El Ultimo Agave reposado (episode 18) tequila review

In these days of tight budgets it’s getting more and more expensive just to TRY and get tight!  As a public service, your friendly neighborhood TEQUILA WHISPERER is at your service – finding the best-tasting agave juice for the lowest price as part of our continuing BARGAIN BOTTLE BONANZA!

On this show th’ Lip compared the reigning champion, Trader Joe’s “Distinqt” brand reposado to the quiet giant, “El Ultimo Agave” reposado.  It was close in the beginning, but by the third sip, the “Ultimo” began pulling away at a far faster pace than the “Distinqt”.  By the end of the challenge the “Ultimo” had run circles around the competition in both flavor and mouth-feel!  Looks like we have a NEW CHAMPION!  All hail “El Ultimo Agave” the BARGAIN BATTLE BULLY! (that is, until the NEXT challenge, heh heh..)

Bargain Battle Stats:

Brand: “Distinqt” reposado

NOM: 1107

General Tasting Notes:

Thin , woody flavor with notes of white pepper.  Minor finish with moderate alcohol heat.

Brand: “El Ultimo Agave” reposado

NOM: 1522

General Tasting Notes:

Bright and musty agave nose.  Spice and minerals make it sniff-worthy and pleasurable.  On the palate, a noticeable addition of faint “JuicyFruit” with a thicker mouth viscosity and a moderate finish.  Pleasurable drinking from a flask and/or as a party mixer on a budget.  This one will keep you coming back for more sips as the evening wears on.


“El Ultimo Agave” reposado!

Music Picks From This Show:
“To Be Naked & Fresh Is Always Hard” – The Mermen
[audio:|titles=To Be Naked & Fresh Is Always Hard]
“Ocean Beach” – The Mermen
[audio:|titles=Ocean Beach]

5 thoughts on “Bargain Battle 2: Distinqt reposado vs. El Ultimo Agave reposado (episode 18) tequila review”

  1. great show. Usually you piss off my girlfriend but she even enjoyed the knowledge till she fell asleep. Very nice tech work at the end there. I know you’re not impressed by the ebay bottles but are you gonna make a bid?

  2. Your girlfriend has good taste (in ME) Ed!

    No, I’m not gonna bid on those OVERPRICED bottles. But if YOU do, let’s get together and EMPTY them!

  3. Where can I purchase a case of this Tequila Ocho? I live in Wyandotte, Michigan 48192. I’d like to order by mail if poibssle. Or will pick it up, if close enough.e-mail Please let me know where I can get this brand.

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