A Paen to Fina Estampa Blanco


A Paean to Fina Estampa blanco

Seduced by the aroma of your Gouda and Pine Nut, I exalt you

To your wicked roundabout knowing ways, I follow you.

Equine taxi to places of wonder, allow me your secret mineral visions:

A riddle of ancient symbols unlocking flight

A cave of crystals blinding in their endless light

A Reidel of ocean so clear and bright

Fina, Fina born to sweet delight.

Stallion of plenty, and messenger of the Master.

You are the last beacon in a twilight of visions:

Star-cape with hooded cowl

Desert flower bloomed atop dusty mound

Mineral elixir of a thousand voices

Bulls-eye target amongst a thousand choices.



2 thoughts on “A Paen to Fina Estampa Blanco”

  1. “Stallion of plenty, and messenger of the Master.”
    Love it, my hermano of Fina Estampa!

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