Yeyo silver (episode 21) tequila review

Talk about a winner!  This show has everything: Guts, Brains, Perseverance and ultimately—SUCCESS! Meet the new blanco on the block, “Yeyo” silver.  In this informative episode Th’ Lip gets to introduce a brand new tequila to the viewers and the WORLD.

But this is more than just a fun, new product rollout.  On this show you’ll get to meet Jon Bullinger, the 27 year-old(!) driving force behind Yeyo.  In the special CALL_IN section Jon tells about how he knocked on door after door in Mexico looking for a distillery that was willing to partner with him in making a custom tequila to his exact taste specifications.  This is a tequila aficionado’s dream – and it’s all here for you to learn from and take notes about!  Welcome, Yeyo!

MUSICAL GUEST: “The Wrecking Crew”!



NOM: 1414

AGAVE SOURCE: Jalisco highlands


Yeyo has a distinct – yet familiar, classic Highlands nose and taste.  You’ll find masses of sweet, cooked agave balanced with a healthy dollop of mineral spice.  It finishes somewhat hot with a lasting tongue -spike that is both pleasing and interesting.  This is a solid sipper from nose to empty glass.  Look for traces of spearmint and pepper in this well-balanced blanco.

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Music Picks From this Show:
“The Lonley Surfer” – Jack Nitzche (The Wrecking Crew)
[audio:|titles=The Lonely Surfer]
“Come Together” – The Beatles
[audio:|titles=Come Together]

4 thoughts on “Yeyo silver (episode 21) tequila review”

  1. Wow that add for YEYO is stunning! Great show last night. The lip had a bunch of officianados chiming in, lots of fun facts and fun to drink along.

  2. I feel sorry for the people out there who haven’t tried Yeyo Tequila yet… It is excellent! Nice show!

  3. Hey Tina! Yeyo is SO NEW that most people haven’t tried it yet. But thanks to fans like you, and this Show — we’ll get the word out!

    Keep watching, and how about telling your friends?



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