Mezcal Marathon! (episode 28) tequila review

Hold on to your bucking Brahma longhorns, people!  Th’ Lip is gonna BREAK DOWN the WHO, WHAT, WHERE, & WHY of tequila’s misunderstood and rowdy cousin, MEZCAL!

Lippy is joined by fellow tequila aficionado & self-penned, “Mezcal Nerd”; the mighty, GABE X!

Sip along as Gabe sits in the Co-Host hot seat and helps serve up the low down on a MILLION mezcal brands in this EPIC-Length Special Edition of the “Tequila Whisperer” Show.  We taste Scorpion silver, reposado, anejo, and 5- year extra anejo.  Also onboard are; Felino reposado, El Senorio anejo, Beneva anejo, Don Amado plata & anejo, and a surprise visit from Del Maguey’s Chichicapa blanco!
It’s a Mezcal MARATHON – and YOU are THERE!

Music Picks From This Show:

“It’s So Hard [Live]” – John Lennon

[audio:|titles= It’s So Hard [Live]

“Look Into the Sun” – Jethro Tull

[audio:|titles=Look Into The Sun]

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