Tequila 1921_blanco, reposado, anejo (episode 33) tequila review

It was a marriage made in Heaven; Lippy and his “Tequila 1921” blanco. It was through this mighty brand that th’ Lip first learned to identify the powerful aroma of WET CEMENT.  1921 was a “go-to” sipper for many happy years with its earthy –herbal & mineral-y spice profile. In fact, one of the highlights of his “Tequila Camp” sojourn was when Lippy got to visit the distillery (NOM 1079) where the original 1921 was made.

Times have changed, though—and 1921 has moved on to another distillery and an evolution in flavor. This show has it all. Th’ Lip takes you through the new 1921 blanco and anejo, with side trips down Memory Lane (where he pulls out the OLD stuff and does a side x side comparison, of course..) How has the once-stellar 1921 blanco evolved? Is it still a “buy”? It’s all in this omnibus 1921 extravaganza, Friends!
And if all of that weren’t enough, this is our FIRST SHOW in HD! Can “Taste –O-Vision” be far behind?


BRAND: 1921

NOM: 1535



Tequila 1921 still offers up a spicy, mineral soup that places it above the more “one-note” flavor profiles of many new brands.  Though th’ Lip longs for the absolutely SINGULAR taste of the original 1921, the current flavor and mouth feel combined with a  competitive price for all 3 current ages makes this brand a solid “buy”.  The finish on the blanco and anejo in particular impressed and appealed.  Bring this one to your next party and watch the revelers gape open-mouthed at the beautiful bottle and the exciting juice within!

FLAVOR Profiles (out of a possible 4 points)

Music Picks From This Show

“Homegrown” – Neil Young


One Less Bell To Answer” – The 5th Dimension

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