Fortaleza_ blanco, reposado, anejo, & 5year Extra Anejo! (episode 36) tequila review

Some day when Th’ Lip is old and grey (well OLD, anyway..) he may look back on this Fortaleza show and think, “Yes, that was a highlight; I was lucky enough to sit down with a true modern-day GIANT in the tequila field, drink his masterwork, and ask a few illuminating questions”.

Ladies & Gentlemen allow Lippy to introduce you to Guillermo Sauza. 5th generation Sauza Tequila heir and creator of the universally lauded & hand-crafted, “Tequila Fortaleza”. Watch as Guillermo leads Lippy (and you all) through an interactive slideshow highlighting his artisanal production process and his philosophy of creating tequila the same way his family has done for over 100 years.  Oh, and he just happened to bring some ultra-rare Fortaleza 5 year extra anejo (95 proof!) to lay on Th’ lip!

Music Picks From This Show:
“Cielo Roja” – “Noches Tapatiias” LP Produced by Don Javier Sauza circa. 1960’s
[audio:|titles=Cielo Rojo]
“Cuando Sale La Luna” -“Noches Tapatiias” LP Produced by Don Javier Sauza circa. 1960’s
[audio:|titles=Cuando Sale La Luna]

4 thoughts on “Fortaleza_ blanco, reposado, anejo, & 5year Extra Anejo! (episode 36) tequila review”

  1. I gotta tell ya Lip, I’m DEEP into the Fortaleza right now – think I’ve found a new fave! I wish I could get it here in AZ locally – it’s gettin dern expensive to have it shipped!

  2. A few months ago I discovered Fortaleza & their highly impressive lineup. I haven’t yet had the pleasure of trying the still strength or extra añjeo but hope to soon. Fortaleza inspired me to try other finer tequilas that I hadn’t yet tried. I continue to find others, though often very good, fall short of Fortaleza’s wonderful & delicious aroma & taste. Guess what I’ll be enjoying often this summer & beyond? I know most love a good Margarita, as do I, though I prefer a Paloma with fresh squeezed juices. Don’t underestimate a tequila & tonic with a squeeze of lime … & of course Fortaleza neat.

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