Blind Tasting “7 Leguas” blanco, reposado, anejo (episode 38) tequila review

For this “Blind Tasting” episode, Th’ Lip decided to shake things up a bit, and he went all backwards on us!  For the first time he let the viewing community know exactly which brands were being blind-tasted (kinda like the old “To Tell The Truth” TV show) but he was still kept in the dark and forced to forge a path through the agave wilderness using only his keen palate and a trust in his inner Coa (look it up).

Thrill along as the viewers razz and try to shake our Hero’s confidence.  Cover your ears as Lippy strains to harmonize in key (especially on the opening number!).  Bear witness to the (almost) greatness that is Th’ Lip’s palate and taste-memory.  Big shout out to GABE X. for supplying a really stellar line up of blind tequilas that helped to make this one of the most entertaining blind mini tastings of the season!

Blind Tasting Results:

< (+) means a correct identification by Lippy>


1. Anjeo (+)

2. Reposado (+)

3. Blanco (+)

4. Extra Anejo (+)


1. 7 Leguas ( “Etiqueta Negra” Mexican-only distribution)  (-) Lip had NO guess!

2. 7 Leguas (2006 bottling)  (-) Lip guessed “Oro Azul”.

3. 7 Leguas ( 2008 Mexican distribution)  (-) Lip guessed “El Tesoro ‘Olive Oil Bottling’”.

4. D’Antano 5 – year Extra Anejo (+) Lip guessed  CORRECTLY!

5 out of 8 possibles identified correctly.  The Lip is in a “holding pattern” with his tasting prowess (same score as last time).  Time to start taking better notes, and committing to his choices EARLIER in the show when his palate is less “SOGGY”!

Music Picks From This Show:

“Don’t Do It” – The Band

[audio:|titles=Don’t Do It]

“Baby, Let Me Follow You Down” – Bob Dylan

[audio:|titles= Baby, Let Me Follow You Down]

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