Bargain Battle 5: El Ultimo Agave reposado vs. Tradicional reposado (episode 39) tequila review

Have you ever seen a winning streak like this? “El Ultimo Agave” reposado continues its proud reign as the mighty ruler of the $20 and under reposado kingdom! This week’s challenger was Mexico’s #1-selling reposado: Cuervo’s “Tradicional”.

Th’ Lip thought that this might be a CAKEWALK for EUA. Tradicional has a poor reputation as a “used to be great” brand, now fallen on sadder times. Surprisingly, the Tradicional brought it’s best game (re: a solid bottling of an uneven product) to the challenge and really put the EUA through its paces! This was one of the hardest-fought victories that EUA has ever faced on the “Whisperer” show. The Tradicional was a formidable challenger who featured a pleasant bottom-end taste of slight citrus and shallow sugar. Ultimately it was lacking an agave taste-punch while the EUA brought forth the agave and vanquished the well-funded Challenger. EUA needs to be watching its back however, as it’s sweet clovey-allspice flavor enhancement is starting to annoy.

But you cannot argue with success. For the money (and the TASTE) El Ultimo Agave reposado remains; “The Bargain Bottle Champion” – reposado class.

Music Picks From This Show:

Oh, yeah – almost forgot.  The Rolling Stones showed up for a special musical GUEST APPEARANCE.  They were kind enough to play their “Exile on Main Street” remastered CD in its ENTIRETY for all those assembled.  Good times, indeed!

“Title 5” – The Rolling Stones

[audio:|titles=Title 5]

“Loving Cup (Alternate Take)” – The Rolling Stones

[audio:|titles=Loving Cup (Alternate Take)]

“Plundered My Soul” – The Rolling Stones

[audio:|titles=Plundered My Soul]

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  1. I think Lippy should make “Loving Cup” by the Rolling Stones his theme music…it’s perfect..EUA is by far my favorite everyday sipping tequila..and it WON again!

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