Excellia – blanco, reposado, anejo, tequila review (episode 95)

It’s an evening of Tequilamania, but you don’t have to be a screaming 12 year-old British girl, throw “jelly babies”, or chase after a bullet-proof limo!  On this episode, Lippy tastes the new brand, Excellia, which boasts being aged in both Sauternes and Cognac casks!  Will this be a fruitful wood partnership (a’la Lennon-McCartney)?  Or will it be a raging battle of two very different personality types that ultimately don’t play well together (a’la Lennon-McCartney)?  Watch & See!

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Battle for the Back Row (episode 8) tequila review

Lippy gets DEEP into some sticky-sweet emotional territory in this “Tequila FIGHT”!

While the tequila reviews are interesting and scholarly as always(?) it’s the MUSICAL soundtrack to this episode that will twist your knickers!  Turns out The BEATLES showed up in all of their remastered MONO glory — and they decide to hang out for the entire show.  Add to this, the  sweet nostalgia of Lippy’s cousin, Les, chatting in from their hometown in Penna., and you have a fully emotionally satisfying conclusion.  Is that a tear of joy in his eye, or is it the TEQUILA talking?