Treasure Bottles in your neighborhood (episode 98) tequila review

Do you know about the tequila Treasure Bottles hiding in plain sight at your local liquor store?  After studying this EPIC Tequila Whisperer episode you will be an expert at modern day treasure bottle hunting!

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Treasure Hunt: A Dusty Cuervo Afternoon in the SF East Bay

Yesterday I received a cryptic email from a tequila buddy.  He doesn’t write me often, but when he DOES it’s ALWAYS good news.  This email was no exception.

Seems he’d been in my area over the past weekend and had found some fertile treasure stores.  You know the kind I like:  bored clerk who’ll let you stand and stare at the shelves behind him for HOURS, crowded dusty shelves with one-off bottles of many different brands, TV set going in corner so he leaves you alone even LONGER.  These stores had all of that!  I jumped in the car and hurried over to the first “Treasure” shop searching desperately for what I’d been told was laying in wait: multiple wooden collector’s boxes filled with individual bottles of Cuervo’s famed “Reserva de la Familia” anejo.  This juice is extremely limited in production and distribution, and even when new it retailed for $100.  On the collector’s market some vintages go for as much as 15 times that or more!
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El Tesoro blanco, reposado, anejo {WHITE LABEL Treasure bottles} (episode 4) tequila review

In this E P I C “Tequila Whisperer” episode, Lippy and special “genius guest” Gabe, take on the entire lineup of El Tesoro’s “out-of-print” WHITE LABEL bottles and report on the rundown. Which classic ET age will climb to the TOP of the tasting heap? Will Gabe fall for Lippy’s gambit of slipping in a SECRET taste of Casta Weber Azul? Will the live-viewers give away the SECRET? It’s all here in the BIGGEST (longest!) “Tequila Whisperer” episode yet. Salud!


Quita Penas blanco – Puro vs. Mixto!! (episode 3) tequila review

In this episode Lippy discovers the hidden taste secrets between the 100% agave Quita Penas blanco and the less pure “mixto” version of the same. Which tequila will reign triumphant? And will Lippy EVER stop singing?

Pueblo Viejo blanco, reposado, anejo {Treasure bottles} (episode 2) tequila review

Th’ Lip goes for the slow and steady approach. He tastes all three ages of Pueblo Viejo tequila (old recipe “TREASURE BOTTLES”) — then tops ’em off with a taste of their patriarch, Orgullo 2 yr. anejo. It’s a Casa San Matias mash-up you don’t want to miss. Add the formidable (and visually elusive) “Vicky V” into the mix, and you have yourself another first class tequila frenzy! Enjoy!