Mess O’ Margaritas: Tres Agaves blanco, reposado, anejo (episode 41) tequila review

Gather ‘round and belly up to the bar, people!  Th’ Lip  is mixing up a mess o’ Margaritas (and we DO mean MESS).  Turns out that “Tres Agaves” is more than just a great Northern California restaurant featuring gourmet Jaliscan fare with a KILLER selection of tequilas you really want to taste.  Yep, it turns out that they make some outstanding Margarita-centric tequilas and agave nectar.

In this rollicking good-timey show, Lippy makes 4 (or was it 5?) different margarita combos using the different ages of Tres Agaves tequilas. Watch in awe as he manages to drench his keyboard, microphone and HIMSELF in various liquid ingredients. NOT for the faint of heart. Learn the secrets of mixological (is that a word?) proportions and ingredients from the master mixologists in the live chat. It’s all here for your taking, friends. So mix up your OWN mess and sip along!



NOM: 1109



Tres Agaves tequilas are representative of the flavor profile of their parent distillery, NOM 1109.  The juices have a strong and firey attack that features a soft, musty, –and *this* side of bitter– core to them.  This core is EXACTLY what makes their flavors rise above the astringent lime and sweet agave nectar in a Margarita.  Tres Agaves tequilas live up to their marketing line that they “are specially formulated for Margaritas”!

Music Picks From This Show:

“Africa Unite” – Bob Marley & The Wailers
[audio:|titles=Africa Unite]

“Crisis” – Bob Marley & The Wailers

One thought on “Mess O’ Margaritas: Tres Agaves blanco, reposado, anejo (episode 41) tequila review”

  1. Lippy,

    Great show – thanks!

    I will email you 2 documents re: Simply Agave Nectar

    1. is our glycemic certification 17 vs competition which is 65. Produce a healthier cocktail!!

    2. We now have an “organic certification” and should appear on labels in the future.


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