Senor Rio_blanco, reposado, anejo (episode 40) tequila review

Here’s a new brand that’s made in a distillery that Th’ Lip has visited and enjoyed!  La Cofradia (NOM 1137) creates quite a few brands (Amate, La Cofradia, Luna Sueno, Casa Noble, & more) and they’re known for their recognizable “house style” of slightly off-centered, bitter-influenced flavors (especially their blancos).  Senor Rio is no exception, but it also features a great vegetal green and bright taste on the blanco.

Watch as Lippy negotiates the flavor structures of the blanco, reposado, and anejo. Then thrill to his unexpected discovery that he has unintentionally opened a TREASURE BOTTLE of Casa Noble blanco! HA. We thought you ran a much tighter ship than that, Lip!



NOM: 1137



Moving up the product line Lippy found a very close kinship between the Senor Rio reposado and the anejo.  Almost too close.  While the repo added some welcome complexity notes owing to a 6 month resting period in French oak, and certainly a mass of HONEY flavors, there was very little added from the repo to the anejo.  A sweetness component for sure, but also a higher alcohol attack.  The finish on all 3 ages of the product was mostly from alcohol warmth as opposed to a lasting concert of interesting flavors.  A note has to be included about the high ticket price of the entire Senor Rio line.  It could benefit from a decrease in price of about 20% in this reviewers opinion.  If you find them at an affordable price, give the blanco and repo a shot.  If you like a lot of heat in your anejo, Senor Rio could be a match!

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  1. We love ya Lippy,remember we are all here because you are true to yourself about what you like…or don’t like,and we have the utmost respect for your opinion…keep up the great work.

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