Tequila Treasure Vault – El Reformador blanco, reposado, anejo tequila review (episode 72)

Want to buy your own TREASURE BOTTLES of “out-of-print” tequila?  Get out your pickax and your shovels, Fans!  In this episode, your TEQUILA WHISPERER is taking you DEEP into a secret TEQUILA TREASURE BOTTLE VAULT!

This has been a long time coming!  Instead of letting you all waste time and gasoline by traveling all over your State looking hit or miss for tequila treasure at independent liquor stores, Th’ Lip has done ALL of the legwork for you.  Enter the IPN Imports Treasure Vault and see the glistening (dusty) bottles within!  You’ll THRILL as you watch Lippy uncover treasure after treasure and you’ll HOWL (as he does) at hidden gems that have remained in the dusty recesses of this warehouse for years.

Then, you’ll want to take a deep breath and reach for your WALLET as Th’ Lip presents an opportunity for YOU to buy some bottles of the great treasure brand, “El Reformador”! It’s all here in a VERY special edition of The Tequila Whisperer Show! Salud!

TEQUILA Details:

BRAND: EL REFORMADOR (treasure Edition)

NOM: 1109



El Reformador practically DEFINES the term, “treasure bottle”.  It’s a long “out-of –print” (from this distillery; 1109*) brand that was a stellar example of a carefully crafted lowlands tequila.  The blanco features a surprising lemon citrus cloud that playfully interacts with its full-bore agave spice.  The reposado brings a sweet addition of wood that starts in softly and builds a momentum on the back palate as it intermingles with the ever-present agave to form a carefree party of soft agave sweetness in the mouth.  The anejo (aged 2.5 years) is perhaps the greatest representation of what happens when a simple recipe is lovingly brought to its fullest blossom of presentation.  While never losing the agave profile contained within, the anejo presents deep tones of caramel and brown spice in a pleasingly balanced cocktail of love.  You just have to taste it to believe that tequila can be this good!  Buy all you can.

BUY RECOMMENDATION: El Reformador (NOM 1109*) Blanco, Reposado, Anejo

*Make SURE the NOM number on the bottle says 1109!

3 thoughts on “Tequila Treasure Vault – El Reformador blanco, reposado, anejo tequila review (episode 72)”

  1. Where can I buy it? I’m looking for anejo. My husband loves this and I drank all of his. woops.

  2. Sorry for the late reply 🙂 I didn’t realize you replied to this and I’m still looking (because he is still whining!).

    I’ve tried to get him other tequilas but I’m just not a good judge of how tequila tastes. Knowing how much he enjoyed this tequila, would you be able to make a recommendation for me?

    Thanks! I promise to check back here for replies this time 🙂

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